Frogleg Returns to Owsley's Golden Road


Submitted by -Frogleg Wed, 06/01/2016 - 9:17 am

Frogleg ​is a fresh young band out of Minneapolis. Since their first show in late 2012, a major buzz about the band Frogleg has been spreading throughout the Twin Cities music scene stemming from their ever‐growing weekly tradition, “Frogleg Thursdays @ Bunkers Music Bar & Grill” in downtown Minneapolis. Outside of Bunker’s, the band has now headlined shows at most of the major venues in Minneapolis from the Cabooze to the Skyway Theatre downtown. Frogleg has shared the stage with the Jeff Austin Band, New Orleans Suspects, Devon Allman, Allie Kral, Orgone, Raw Oyster Cult, Samantha Fish, to name a few. Known for their songwriting and improvisational live performances, this seven piece would be best described as a soul band, as their influences are not drawn from one specific genre. A typical Frogleg show features a unique blend of Funk, Reggae, Rock, Jazz and Bluegrass.

Useful Jenkins ​is a contemporary acoustic band with a foundation rooted in bluegrass, and readily taps into other genres, such as folk, funk, rock, and hip hop. Useful Jenkins thrives on energy; they flourish in the moment and have an unmatched resonance with the crowd. The band is a 4 piece string band at its core, complete with 4­part vocal harmonies and recently added violinist, leaving listeners with a strong, clean, and unique sound.


CONCERT: Wednesday, July 6, 6:00 PM @Owsley’s Golden Road

1301 Broadway St., Boulder, CO