Evening Bell's Dying Stars drops August 12


Submitted by -HearthMusic Wed, 07/13/2016 - 4:10 pm

On their debut album, Dying Stars, Seattle band Evening Bell pours a razor sharp blend of classical training and unadulterated passion into eight psychedelic-country tunes. It’s the kind of album you might expect to come from Ennio Morricone and David Bowie watching Twin Peaks together. A collision of cosmic country and spaced-out psychotropic melodies. Cinematic lyricism meets Seattle barroom honky-tonk. The two principal songwriters in Evening Bell– Caitlin Sherman and Hart Kingsbery – transcend the constraints of nostalgia to create something truly different. Sherman’s interest in Film composition shines through these songs in a kind of cosmic-cowboy punk, while Kingsbery’s bittersweet country heartbreak brings a gravitas to the music. These aren’t dilettantes in Seattle’s Ballard country music scene, but two people who’ve lived hard and worked hard, bringing a stronger perspective to the hard realities they sing about in their music. To be released August 12, 2016, Dying Stars has the kind of self-assurance you usually find in veteran Americana bands, the kind of weight that comes from knowing your own vision of American music.