DEDSA To Release Debut LP "Salmon Velocity"


Submitted by -Echo Ave Tue, 01/31/2017 - 11:59 am

Nashville’s DEDSA wields psych-rock like a flaming sword to illuminate sci-fi tales of love and medieval debauchery. The band’s debut full length, Salmon Velocity, melds electronic music, psychedelia, metal and shoegaze into a powerful musical elixir. DEDSA will celebrate release night with a hometown performance at Nashville's Mercy Lounge on Friday, March 3. Tickets and information available HERE.

Through 11 tracks, the quartet struts amidst a haze of swerving guitars and vintage Japanese inspired electronics.“Nothing is off limits if it sounds like fun,” says the band, “we’ll try anything once in a song.”

Salmon Velocity is a tome of dichotomy. The listener is taken on an odyssey through moments that whip from cinematic grandeur to pure rock 'n' roll nonsense. Lyrics contrast utter hopelessness with complete elation. This album isn’t for the weary.

Salmon Velocity’s accompanying audio visual illustrations are a realm that strike between beauty and grotesque imagery, made by founding member Robbie Ward. In the upcoming “Annihilation” video, sorcerer-magicians find themselves in grim city where they perform a dark rite to spread a curse throughout the town. After being punished and condemned to death, the group is ferried through levels of Hell, battling a horde of demons before meeting Satan where they evolve through transfigurations until they finally meet their disturbing, peaceful fate.

Ward’s animation in film has gained DEDSA’s music notoriety for their video “Lighter Click” that was recently selected in the top 10 videos of 700,000 submissions in the Slamdance Film Festival in the Anarchy Shorts category. The Nashville Scene proclaimed the video to be “on another level.” View HERE. “Lighter Click” will be featured in the 2017 Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Though “Lighter Click” has garnered attention, it’s DEDSA’s live performances that keep people delving in mystified.

DEDSA is an unholy pact between drummer Grant Bramlett, bassist/keyboardist Ben Carreon, guitarist/vocalist Stephen DeWitt and keyboardist Robbie Ward.