Song Premiere: The Strange Blue Dreams's "Something More Than Night"


Submitted by -Chris Blackmore Wed, 03/22/2017 - 6:20 am

The Strange Blue Dreams are united by a love of old time high fidelity pop music from the 1920's and 30's onwards.  This ranges from Rock 'n' Roll, Doo-Wop and Country pop records to Dixieland and Tin Pan Alley hits. It centers around an admiration for maverick song writing be it Ennio Morricone, Ron Sexsmith, Joe Meek or Roy Orbison and Duke Ellington.

Described by Vic Galloway (BBC) as" a Glaswegian version of the legendary pop, rock n' roll and country Nashville A-team session aces of the late 1950's", the band comprises five of Scotland’s most in demand players in the bubbling local roots music scene. Stepping off a treadmill of playing 6 nights a week as the country's most in demand 1950's party band The Shiverin' Sheiks and producing records for other people they released a debut single. The ensuing UK tour led to a slot at Glastonbury and subsequently sell out shows at the Edinburgh Festival. Various radio sessions led to them reprising their house band role, this time in a BBC TV documentary about the history of the ukelele.

The Strange Blue Dreams will be releasing a song each week from their new EP Towards The Warm Place. The songs were recorded in an afternoon at Kaiserville Sounds Studio with George Miller (of beat group legends The Kaisers) at the controls.  The immediate nature of the recording process is reflected in the exciting sounds contained within the songs.Cementing their position as “Old Timey Mysterons” (The National) the title track is “skiffling eastern meets western rock n’ roll from a parallel universe”. (Medicine Show Music).

The film noir overtones of the moody second track (Something More Than Night) reflect something of the song’s background. It was written just a few days before it was recorded for the serial killer TV drama (In Plain Sight ITV) that the band appeared in last year.  Equally the final song (In My Nature) sounds like it was written for an Elvis movie that never was, perhaps one based round a universe where Excello Records relocated to Memphis in the 1960’s and recorded in Fame Studios.