Papadosio's Pattern Integrities Remixed


Submitted by -Meghan Bender Wed, 03/29/2017 - 6:52 am

PAPADOSIO is proud to release Pattern Integrities Remixed, an exciting collaboration with many of the band’s and fans’ favorite producers.

On the acclaimed Pattern Integrities tour, Papadosio explored the space between improvisation + orchestration, inspiring fans with sonic manipulations using modular synthesizers, percussive melodies, and complex rhythms. The Pattern Integrities Remixed album brings this spirit to the Pattern Integrities album with the same goal – to inspire.

Available exclusively on Bandcamp.


1. Each And Every Wave – Bluetech Remix

2. Euclidean Lights – Kalya Scintilla Remix

3. Mr Turtles Cloud Kingdom – Aligning Minds Remix

4. Omnifreeze – Living Light Remix

5. Oblivion – Push Pull Remix

6. Vactrollio – EarthCry Remix

7. Threes – Mister F 8-bit Remix

8. Euclidean Lights – Soulacybin Remix

9. Omnifreeze – Futexture Remix

10. Vactrollio – Erothyme Remix