Blue Night Records to release Rescue Me! A Cause for Paws


Submitted by -Penguin Publicity Mon, 04/24/2017 - 4:42 pm

Pre-orders are currently active through Elderly Instruments for Blue Night Records’ forthcoming release, Rescue Me! A Cause for Paws. This very special project features some of acoustic music’s most respected and gifted artists who’ve come together on a compilation that supports animal rescue and awareness efforts.

From its inception, the project has had one driving purpose: to support the furry creatures who so enhance our lives with love and loyalty. That purpose materialized with energy and joy as a 12-track compilation album of tender tunes that honor our four-legged friends. Rescue Me! is a heartfelt collection of Americana music featuring songs that are thought-provoking, uplifting, engaging, and downright funny.

“We invite others to join us in raising awareness of and providing financial support to animal rescue organizations,” says Blue Night Records President, Steven Briggs, who co-produced the album with singer/songwriter Amy White.

All of the tracks on Rescue Me! were donated to the project by the songwriters and performers: Mary Ann Kennedy, Kathy Chiavola, Cindy Mangsen, Robin Flower, Libby McLaren, Annie Lalley, Heidi Muller, Mark Weems, Ashley Jo Farmer, Friction Farm (Aidan Quinn & Christine Stay), Effron White, Jamie Anderson, Amy White, and Joel Mabus.

With great joy, Blue Night Records has pledged to donate all of its profits from Rescue Me! sales and full CD downloads to animal welfare organizations.

Pre-orders for Rescue Me! are available now through Elderly Instruments.

The formal release date is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, April 30, 2017.


BARN CAT – Mary Ann Kennedy
POSSUM AND PEARL – Kathy Chiavola
OUR CATS – Cindy Mangsen
GET A DOG – Annie Lalley
MY OLD CAT – Heidi Muller
KITTY KITTY – Ashley Jo Farmer
WHY, WHY, WHY – Friction Farm
CATTITUDE – Effron White
I MISS THE DOG – Jamie Anderson
THE BEST DOG – Amy White