Stelle Amor Releases Self-Titled Debut


Submitted by -TotalAssault Tue, 05/23/2017 - 5:33 pm

Nashville's rising 'soulternative' siren, Stelle Amor, has just released her debut EP. Stelle Amor also recently celebrated the release with a show at Nashville's Exit/In this past Saturday, 5/20. The new EP features the previously released singles "Get Right" and "Spike's Groove".

About the record, Stelle said, "This is my very first EP so I wanted to show my diversity of genres and really make a strong point through the song selection. These songs were shaped around  a strong message or tell a story of how I got here. "Let's Just See" talks about a trip to Memphis I took with my producer; "Black Holes" and "Problem Child" are both songs written about past experiences that have really shaped me. "Bring It Back" is one of my favorite songs on the record. It's more light hearted; a reminder to just breathe and live life to the fullest!  We recorded in 5 different studios and even some parts in our home studio; this is an eclectic record and was pieced together over a year of sessions and lots of hard work. I was lucky to have Nashville's finest help me put it all together."

Stelle Amor has a mission to "serenade the world," inspiring people through her music and spreading the message of love and unity.
Stelle's introduction to music came from her parents playing classic rock, blues, and country albums in their home. She began writing around the same time other kids were learning to ride a bike. In addition to performing her songs at small venues in Louisville, Stelle would sneak into Stevie Ray's Blues Bar (she was only 18) and sit in with the band, improvising lyrics and singing the blues.  "Singing with those blues bands is when I realized my true calling as an artist and performer," she says. These encounters led her to a connection with Music Row veteran John Dorris, who urged her to move to Nashville to pursue music.

In 2015, Stelle met her producer, Dave Yarema, and her guitar player, Derek Toa, and really started finding her "soulternative" sound.  Derek called up his old roommates from Berklee, drummer John Wood and bassist Will Cafaro, and the magic happened instantaneously. "I have been lucky to work with a lot of talented musicians - but there is just something undeniable about our vibe together that really brought the music to the next level," says Stelle.
Stelle and her band spent the next several months writing, rehearsing and playing every show they could. Stelle has wooed audiences at countless Nashville venues, was a semi-finalist at Music City Big Break (2016), performed at B.B. King's Tribute Festival at Diamond Pub Concert Hall, and was featured on the TV show "Nashville Entertainment Weekly" as well as the "Women of Substance" podcast.
Stelle Amor's debut EP is set to release in May 2017 and  features such Nashville legends such as The McCrary Sisters, Maureen Murphy, Roy Agee, and Vinnie Ciesielski. The first single, "Get Right," and music video were debuted in November 2016. The music video for her second single, "Spike's Groove," will be released in March 2017.