Valenti Funk Releases Two New Track


Submitted by -Press Junkie PR Sun, 05/28/2017 - 4:58 pm

Well known around Texas for his contributions with the award-winning group The Effinays and funk-disco up-and-comer Ronnie Heart, multi-talented instrumentalist, composer, and producer Valenti Funk is determined to introduce his unparalleled brand of funk-fusion to the masses. Valenti, whose name is inspired by his Valentine’s Day birthday, will be releasing newly remastered physical copies of Valenti on June 7th on his own record label, Clear Zebra.

The June 7th release date was decided in honor of the birthday of the late Prince, who Valenti recognizes as a major influence, even going as far as getting “The Love Symbol” tattooed on his body. Having already performed alongside industry legends Snoop Dogg (Lion), Grupo Fantasma and Ozomatli during his time with the Effinays, Valenti Funk shows himself as a fully-capable one-man rhythm section in his solo-debut, Valenti. Funk’s techniques (including the ability to play drums and keys at the same time) and arrangements lay the perfect foundation for the inclusion of equally impressive guest features. Album features include the likes of Effinays front man Big Spook, the soulful voice of LaLa Johnson, a dose of introspective lyricism of Zach Pohl, Kevin Snearley, Keyln Crapp, Aisha Mars, and the hip-hop delivery of Versatile.

The elegantly titled Valenti was recorded at various studios around the DFW Metroplex as far back as 2010. Coordinating recording schedules between juggling touring gigs across the nation induced a slow-but-steady approach to crafting the finished product. Studios used include Session Work Studios (Hurst, TX), The Track Studio (Plano, TX) with the bulk of the work being done by longtime Effinays producer Rev. Rudd at The House of Rudd in Euless, TX, providing a well-developed chemistry.

The genre-bending album brings something for everyone to appreciate while gravitating around a consistently funky backbone. “Irving/Bear Creek, Texas,” an instrumental homage to his hometown sets the tone for the entire album. “Party Fiesta” delivers go-go music to the spotlight with vocal support from Effinays bandmate Big Spook. “More Light” gives a smooth walking bassline to a conscious reggae theme. “Some Mo” combines soul and disco with a modern club feel composition. “Side to Side” brings a taste of dance-friendly chillwave, while “Stank” adds a blusey rock edge to the album. Valenti is capped off with “Chill On the Couch,” a track destined for romantic date-night playlists, and “Parking Spot,” a shout out to car enthusiasts everywhere that creates a hip-hop changeup to the album.

With the release of Valenti, Funk steps out from his usual role of drums and keys into the spotlight as a proficient, well-rounded composer ready to make an impact on the world. Complex rhythmic play and soulful melodies shine over the persistent pocket of Valenti Funk. Top-tier musicianship combined with a little help from his friends should put Valenti’s arrangements on the radar of vocalists nationwide. Physical copies are available for pre-order here with the official release date set for June 7,2017.