Low Pagoda Releases Third Album


Submitted by -Alexander C Kratzert Tue, 08/01/2017 - 12:49 pm

New York/New England-based group Low Pagoda released their new album Low Pagoda and the Unseen Ministers of Love last week––a sixteen-track excursion through psychedelic peaks and grooves reminiscent of ‘60s rock, jazz, soul, funk, folk, kraut rock and world music. This is the third full-length, self-released album by Low Pagoda––preceded by New Mountain Universe and Low Pagoda and the Mother Earth––and it was recognized under Bandcamp’s ‘New and Notable.’ French media outlet indiemusic discovered this album and followed with a stellar, in depth review of pure appreciation. Here’s (a translation of) what they had to say:

Enter the Low Pagoda to experience a wild and mystical journey. To guide us: two brothers, Sean and Alex Kratzert, who have released in just one year - the feat is there - three long highly psychedelic formats revisiting over half a century of experimental influences with savory freedom and An admirable relevance.

“From 60s rock to Tuareg blues, from soul to world music, nothing seems to be able to stop Low Pagoda's ambitions. Proof is, "Low Pagoda and the Unseen Ministers of Love,” this surprising and seductive album, the euphoric vapors and composite flavors, which takes great risks to advance in unprecedented territory in each of his attempts. The result is bluffing, captivating and lively, like its cover Technicolor treatment, evoking a psychedelia floral between zenitude found and quest elsewhere.

“Sean (aka Coyote Ocean ) and Alex, prolific and gifted multi-instrumentalists, make themselves the authors of a travel diary more than a collection of melodies. An experience that takes us off the beaten paths of today 's music to rediscover psychedelicism with long and deep roots, drawing alternately from groove - soul, jazz, funk and so on - the amazing hendrix jam of "Something in the Air" ), Percussive influences on the blues (the superb "Ishmael", which is reminiscent of Tuareg music), the krautrock motifs of "The Land Of The Unseen Ministers Of Love" and American rock smoking Mid-sixties, invoking Jim Morrison on “Fine Groove.”

“A real psychedelic jungle, intensely tropical and in constant flowering, the work of the Kratzert brothers is a magnificent invitation to relaxation and acoustic divagation, a celebration of the wealth of experimental music between hypnosis and permanent metamorphosis. "Low Pagoda and the Unseen Ministers of Love" is an experiment to be made, but pay attention to the doses: an addiction is often quickly arrived!”

 Low Pagoda is currently working on their next album, Low Pagoda and the Saturn Mountain Compound, which they aim to release early fall 2017. A new single, “Groovin,” will be released in the next couple of weeks, and music videos are available for “Something in the Air” (LPUML), “Got to Be Free” (LPUML), and “Come (Join the Party)” (LPME). All music can be found here:

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