Celebrate Jerry at the 2006 Grateful Garcia Gathering

Submitted by press on Sat, 07/02/2005 - 2:05 am

Such a Grateful place for die-hard Garcia fans to be Gathering! We're so happy and grateful to announce that we will be having our 5th outdoor music and camping get together this summer! The "Grateful Garicia Gathering" will be returning back to the beautiful "NCN-North Campground" on July 29th through August 1st 2005, in beautiful Black River Falls Wisconsin.

This mellow gathering will be the same weekend of Jerry Garcia's Birthday, plus it marks the 10th Anniversary of Jerry's untimely passing. This is going to be a very deeply humble, and special time for camping and gathering with friends of old and new! The 3G's will be a mix of wonderful Jams by some of the best JamBands in the Midwest to rock your soul.

The Grateful Garcia Gathering just wouldn't be complete without a musical cohort and personal friend of Jerry's to be part of the festivities. Melvin Seals, the longtime vocalist and organist of the "Jerry Garcia Band" and JGB, will headline for *TWO JAM'N NIGHTS* on July 29th & 30th. Melvin Seals remained with the "Jerry Garcia Band" longer than any other keyboardist. He was with the band from 1977 until the untimely passing of Jerry in 1995.

Bringing the Festival to a new level this year will be our Host Frank "Jerry" Chavez. So don't miss the bus this summer!

For more information, please contact: Tim Kotenburg and/or visit: GratefulGarciaGathering.com

Guest (not verified)

Tue, 08/02/2005 - 6:04 pm

What a good time!!! Melvin and JGB rocked the house. The whole weekend was great! I was really impressed with all the bands! Cosmic Railroad really shined on sunday night. Im so glad I stayed for that. They were awesome. Ill definately catch them again. I hope they are back next year.

China Cat (not verified)

Tue, 08/02/2005 - 9:46 pm

I was there to see FMR and they did not dissapoint. Awesome show. I did see Cosmic Railroad also and was very impressed.

Megan (not verified)

Sun, 07/03/2005 - 2:47 pm

The festival last summer was amazing!!! I couldn't help but to brag to all my friends about how much fun they missed out on last summer; maybe more of them will start to listin and come with me again this time! Last years gathering was my boyfriends first non rave related festival and my girlfriend and her boyfriends first festival. They are in love with it. No sooner were we out of the parking lot were they planning this year!!! It was great, I love sharing the experince expecially when it is a great one. I was sooooooooo disapointed with Bonnaroo, I swore I would never go back there. But as always, rain or shine, I had a blast at Black River. I am just sorry I missed The JGB and Melvin. I was so disappointed, I explained what the JGB was like the first time I saw with Moe. to everyone and they were like, damn I sould have taken Moday off work, well this year we are going to. To me it is every bit as much music as it is the community and, as always, good phamily atmosphere. I told my boyfriend that I can see my self coming back years down the road when I have kids with my kids to share the weekend. Whoever put out the free toy thing at the stage was wonderful too, I had a BLAST with the streamers that were in there, I danced my ass off with those things. Oh yeah, Water Band was amazing, everyone there was, but they blew me away. I'm really excited to go back in a few weeks from now with my friends!