Dangermuffin | 'Olly Oxen Free' | New Music Review


Submitted by -John Mosley Wed, 06/20/2012 - 6:54 pm

Olly Oxen Free, the newest album from South Carolina-based band Dangermuffin, is a fun listen. Blending elements of roots rock with a sprinkling of southern slides, improvised instrumentals, and meandering drum breaks, the trio plays an interesting sort of rambling-jam music that showcases quite a bit of range. While Dangermuffin clearly finds its source material in down-home Americana, the group somehow manages to avoid much of the monotony typically found in lesser genre offerings. The result is unique – songs that begin as simplistic musings build to unrushed, relaxed backyard opuses in due time, and dedicated listeners will find hearty reward by record’s end. Diverse (yet grounded) tracks like “Homestead” and “Sea Funk” demonstrate Dangermuffin’s strengths, while the remainder of the album fills out the set for a right enjoyable play-through.Dangermuffin’s newest album, Olly Oxen Free, is available now on iTunes.