Pomegranates | Heaven | New Music Review


Submitted by -Holden Young Wed, 08/22/2012 - 5:13 pm

If indie-rock ever could ever possibly get together for a night of baby-making romance with disco then they might spawn the new Pomegranates CD entitled Heaven.  This romance may never actually happen but that is the beauty of art.  The falsetto vocals and heavy hi-hat carry the first two-tracks and then dive into fevered lo-fi rock into the third and fourth.  So far, I'm loving the Summer-driving-music sound of the CD.  Where I really get turned-on though is the fifth track breakdown aptly named “Something Everybody Wants”.  It was exactly what I needed after the hard driving, pop-fueled road trip of the first half of the album.“Letters” keeps up the smooth and ambient textured sounds that transition towards second half of the album.  This track carries the listener into the B-side as if this were a vinyl record release.  There is a strong distinction between the first half of the album and the second.  In fact, the whole album appears to be well-suited for a record version.  The old school compressed drums, the fuzz rock guitar sounds and overall dry-texture stands out nicely and gives the album its unique sound.The song order is a bit drowsy.  As a coffee barista might quickly head home to take a nap after an early espresso fueled morning; this album is in a rush to get home and lounge around.  All the instruments stand the test of quality production.  The vocals have a variety of different sounds throughout Heaven.  They stick closely to anthem-like choruses that work for most of the songs.  The verses work though partially indistinguishable, allowing the listener to create some of the images for themselves.  The production deserves strong praise and is their first album with co-producer Miguel Urbitztond.  His work clarifies some of the undertone of waves of harp and ethereal ambience.  They create a good mix of texture and space and the album has me wanting more from the Pomegranates.