Sound Tribe Sector Nine | Red Rocks Ampitheatre | Review & Photos


Submitted by -Philip Emma Wed, 10/02/2013 - 1:34 pm

After covering some amazing STS9 shows over the years, I cannot say that I am surprised to report that this show was a dance party filled with beautiful scenery (in more ways than one), an upbeat git down fest, and a very unique combination of musical genres that can only define one band. The reason why I like them so much is because of their diversity and constant dance beats. They combine tribal, electronic, jazz, disco, and funk, which leaves their fans reeling and grinning. I only made it to the second night of a two night run at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO. The first night was full of special surprises, which included Nas, araabMUZIK, and Welder. The openers on the Saturday, September 7th were TYCHO, xxyyxx and Gold Panda.When we are young, we do not notice history happening in front of us, and it is strange to see once we are older that we grew up with these bands. A recent experience I had this summer reminded me of this. While I was at a Disco Biscuits side project show, STS9 bassist, David Murphy was standing on the side enjoying the show when a line of young kids formed to shake his hand mid-set. It was funny to me because I grew up around this scene and these musicians. I bought my first STS9 cd from the Home Grown Music Catalog in 1998, and although I felt a tad old this time around, I got a great vibe from the twenty something crowd. I would venture to say that this was the nicest crowd that I have experienced in a very long time. Everyone was sharing everything imaginable, people were smiling all night, and many others were lending a hand with those who needed it. With a timeless sound that bands like STS9 capture, they will continue to be a top grosser in the live music industry.As “MOD” and “Arigato” warmed the crowd into the beautiful Indian summer night, the herb could probably be smelled in Denver. It seemed as though during the “Rent” and “Vibyl” the crowd was kind of pensive with the jazzy composed songs. But by the time that “Blu Mood” and “Abcees” came on, drummer Zach Velmer led the hip shaking songs into the night. Colorado has always been a meca for live music, and I love how bands play their absolute best while here. STS9 is full of professional musicians, who have been around and cutting age long enough to know how to throw a party in a music loving state. Their brains and business prowess is evidenced by their own record label entitled, 1320 Records. “Abcees’s” reggae sound shows their broad range.During the set break there was a DJ that sang and mixed near the sound board in the middle of the crowd. That kept many of the fans moving while the band regrouped. The second set provided most of the electrifying dance grooves for sure. My favorite run of songs of the night came from the funky “Dance” and into “Inspire Strikes Back,” “Vapors,” and the extremely rare “Four Year Rumor.”The venue was not as full as usual, probably due to the huge Phish weekend and numerous other big shows in town, but those that were there made it a special night as usual. The show ended with a lively groove into “Dance” again and a “Music, Us,” that made this night one to remember.STS9 can be found closing the year out mostly along the east coast. This is one of the most talented and unique bands touring right now that pour their heart and soul into anything they do. In an age where concerts are expensive, they are one of the few worth every penny spent.Check out more photos from the show.