Peter Rowan Joins Railroad Earth for Old and in the Way


Submitted by -Good Cop PR Tue, 12/03/2013 - 8:47 am

On Saturday night of Thanksgiving Weekend, RAILROAD EARTH dedicated their first set to performing the classic bluegrass album, "Old and in the Way," from front to back with founding member Peter Rowan at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA during RRE's Horn-O-Plenty Getaway.Watch the band perform with Peter Rowan here: full house of RRE fans went crazy as the band brought the classic album a new life with Rowan's vocals sounding as crisp and soulful as the day they were first recorded in 1973. Todd Sheaffer and Peter Rowan traded verses on "Pig in a Pen," "Old and in the Way" and "White Dove," while Rowan joyfully sang the rest of the leads, just as he had on the original album, including his signature, "Panama Red."Rowan then joined Railroad Earth for their second set to sing their version of his "The Cuckoo" and Bill Monroe's "Walls of Time." The group is on tour now through spring 2014 in support of their upcoming album, Last Of The Outlaws (1/14/14). Full tour routing here: