Rog & Glenn | Martians | New Music Review


Submitted by -Surewood Neustadt Tue, 01/07/2014 - 3:22 pm

The smiles come on strong instantly with the beginning of this album entertaining the possibility of dinner with alien visitors in “The Martians”. It keeps up the pace exclaiming the obvious in “Epic Action” as the alien visitation is unfolding. There is a good sense of musicianship in the composition helping keep the interest piqued regardless of your musical preference and amidst the repetitiveness repetitiveness repetitiveness. The vocals are often muddied down with a flange and the lyrics frequently repeat leaving a real sense of amateur song writing/singing. However, the blend of ambient piano and organ, crunchy guitar and sporadic percussion help the music carry you through an enjoyable experience.
There is an upbeat theme throughout the first half of the album that can be quite empowering when mulling through a day long work experience. The second half has more of a dream scape ambiance that any legally (or illegally) stoned individual could lay back, eyes closed and trip out on. Unmistakable attack & release methods most commonly practiced by Phish become quite noticeable especially in “The Humpback Whale”. This versatility exhumes a sure level of experience from a dynamic and capable duo. The mastering of this album is unmistakably professional creating a solid production and an overall enjoyable experience the first time through.