Kris Lager

A genuine musical journeyman, Kris Lager brings his feel good music to Fort Collins, Colorado.  One of those rare and dynamic performers who deliver a combination of musical ability and charisma, Kris Lager and his ultra funky & energetic band will raise the spiritual level of Downtown Artery on Tuesday, January 15th.  Be prepared to dance, clap, and sing along for a fun and interactive show laced with road tested songs, and contagious grooves.

The Kris Lager Band has been zigzagging the country and spreading their brand of feel-good funk and heavy soul for more than 15 years. A genuine musical journeyman, Lager is that rare, dynamic performer who delivers a combination of musical skill and charisma. He creates a fun and interactive show laced with road-tested songs and contagious grooves that inspire fans to dance, clap and sing along.

A genuine musical journeyman, Kris Lager brings his feel good music through the front range of Colorado.  Starting on Thursday, Jan. 11th in Fort Collins followed by Boulder on the 12th, Keystone on the 13th, Winter Park on the 14th, and finally Denver on the 15th.

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