Whiskey Shivers


Whiskey Shivers make their major film debut today, December 22nd, 2017, with the national release of Pitch Perfect 3, directed by Trish Sie. The band appear as “Saddle Up” – a country inspired band who compete against the Bellas on a USO Tour. Whiskey Shivers show off their acting and musical skills in the film alongside returning cast members Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Hailee Steinfeld.

The video for Whiskey Shivers new song “Reckless” continues with the bands tradition of creating visually arresting and innovative videos.  Wadleigh’s concept was simple -  find a way to make a room that could spin in order to generate enough force to make the band stick to the walls – all while playing the song.  Enter a couple of MIT educated mechanical engineers, an army of volunteers, a 360 camera rig, and a bunch of breakable dinnerware and you get “Reckless.”  The band admits that contraption was a “DIY carnival ride that could have gone way wrong.” 

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