February 2017

Real Gone Music slides into baseball season this April with vinyl releases from a pair of literary heavy hitters. Kaddish is one of beat poet Allen Ginsberg’s greatest poems, a moving meditation on his mother Naomi and his Jewish faith; Atlantic Records released Ginsberg’s own reading of the work in 1966 as the only title in its Verbum spoken word series. Real Gone’s release features the original gatefold album art with an added inner sleeve sporting new liner notes by Pat Thomas and memorabilia courtesy of the Ginsberg estate.

Chicago singer-songwriter Peter Joly has been keeping busy since the release of his solo, self-titled debut in October 2016.

Gritty and fiery, Bay Area reggae-rock band, Ridgway, is happy to announce the release of their newest music video entitled "Barnacles."

You're at a nightclub one night a few years ago-the Lovin' Cup in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood, to be exact. Your favorite local singer is on the bill, so you got there early and grabbed the best table. You wait for the gig to start...You wait a little longer... The singer's backup band-guitarist Scott Metzger, bassist Jon Shaw and drummer Taylor Floreth-file onto the stage. Then comes the announcement: The singer never showed up, so tonight it's going to be instrumental music only.

Colorado band Elephant Revival releases a new music video for their song "Petals", the title track of their latest studio album.

CODE NOIR, the stunning new CD from critically-lauded vocalist Carmen Lundy, was released February 17th via Afrasia Productions with distribution through City Hall Records. Never one to limit her creative journeys, Lundy explores the realms of Jazz, Blues, Brazilian Samba and Pop with a multitude of messages that reflect not only the complexities of her own mindset, but the disparity of the world at large.