July 2018

Peter Rowan Band | Walls Of Time | RockyGrass | 7/29/18

Pitchfork 2018 included breezy weather with a light mist of rainforest lusciousness in the middle of the city of Chicago.  To keep moving freely in and out of tents, fans donned their ponchos, rain gear, and umbrellas. Who knew dressing for the weather could make such a bold fashion statement?  Once you ducked away from the rain, your senses were delighted with the dusty smell of old books and the pages with ink dried from many moons ago.

David Grisman & Peter Rowan | Panama Red | RockyGrass
Dead & Company | China Cat Sunflower | Folsom Field | 7/14/18
Jeff Austin Band | Sideshow Blues | RockyGrass