March 2024

In the rich diversity of human belief and understanding, the juxtaposition between faith and science has long been a topic of contemplation, debate, and, at times, conflict. It's an exploration of what we see, what we believe, and what we can prove. At the heart of this discourse is the question of why, despite the vast and compelling evidence supporting evolutionary biology and the commonalities we share with the animal kingdom, many cling to religious beliefs and the concept of a divine being or beings.

“Sounds weird and it’s probably not my thing,” was my initial retort when told one of the narrators in Remarkably Bright Creatures is an octopus. Well, it is a little strange, but I was so wrong about this beautifully crafted novel not being my type of book. Thank goodness I didn’t listen to my inner voice and purchased Shelby Van Pelt’s debut page-turner.

On this radiant day, we at Grateful Web join music enthusiasts worldwide to celebrate the 45th birthday of the exceptionally talented Norah Jones. With a voice as comforting and warm as sunlight through an open window, Norah has secured a special place in the hearts of millions. She bridges genres and generations with her heartfelt melodies and poetic depth.

As the calendar turns its page to March 30th, we at Grateful Web join music enthusiasts worldwide in celebrating the 60th birthday of Tracy Chapman, a figure whose melodies and lyrics have painted the landscape of modern folk and rock music with strokes of genius and authenticity. Chapman, with her guitar in hand, has been a beacon of social and emotional storytelling, her music a vessel carrying messages of love, struggle, and justice to the hearts of listeners across generations.

With five decades of music-making to her credit, multi-GRAMMY nominee Laurie Lewis has emerged as both a successor and contemporary of the many greats in bluegrass, old-time, and folk music. Unafraid to venture beyond established boundaries, she has carved out her place as a uniquely singular vocalist, songwriter, instrumentalist, and frontwoman in genres revered for their adherence to tradition, authenticity, and the canon of the forebearers.

Since the release of her debut collection, Goin’ Home Comin’ On, Mountain Home Music Company’s Carley Arrowood has been gifted one husband, one baby daughter and one IBMA Momentum Vocalist of the Year award while releasing four acclaimed singles — “Deeper In Love,” “Tsali’s Run,” “Chasin’ Indigo” and “Moondancer” — that have made an undeniable case for her growing power as a mature, confident creative force.