2015 Electric Forest Festival Launches The "Think For Yourself" Social Campaign with BASSNECTAR

Article Contributed by LiveLoud | Published on Thursday, May 14, 2015

Today, Electric Forest’s (EF) Plug In Program launches the “Think For Yourself” campaign.  In celebration of Electric Forest’s spirit of personal expression, and created in partnership with non-profit organizations The Urgency Network and Fight For the Future, the campaign aims to raise awareness around the issues of internet freedom and privacy.
Over the next several weeks, the Think For Yourself campaign will lead participants through a series of online actions – from signing up to be part of the dialogue, to reading articles and watching videos about the power of the internet and the privacy debate, to sharing information that empowers their peers to join the debate.  With each action, participants are entered to win an epic Electric Forest adventure – travel and VIP tickets to the sold out Electric Forest festival, Tentsile tree tents to camp in and take home, a golf cart ride with BASSNECTAR and an invite to be on stage for the famed “Family Photo” at the end of his EF performance, and more.  The more actions completed along the campaign, the more entries earned, thus increasing chances of winning.
“Privacy. This word has become loaded, and often implies you have something to hide,“ says Lorin Ashton (aka BASSNECTAR). “But don't believe the hype. Every human deserves private space and sanctuary to share the thoughts and information they want, and to keep other thoughts and information to themselves... Engage with an open mind, and to draw your own conclusions on what you think the internet should become.” Learn more about the “Think for Yourself" Campaign HERE
The “Think For Yourself” campaign is one of several EF15 Plug In opportunities. Known for fully embracing the possibilities of an engaged festival community, EF’s Plug In program deliberately blurs the line between event organizers and attendees.  With this truly unique “open source” fan engagement platform, Electric Forest harnesses the creativity and passion of its community members, offering real and tangible ways for fans to participate in and ultimately help shape the Electric Forest experience.  This is a big deal, since for Electric Forest – experience trumps all.

EF’s 2015 Plug In Program is in full swing, offering many new and exciting ways for fans to help shape the Electric Forest experience. This year’s Installation Sponsorship Program winner will receive a grant from Electric Forest to bring their original installation idea to life onsite at EF15. The 2015 Monarch Program winner was recently voted in by Electric Forest fans for his call to offer more free water stations throughout the festival.  With the help of Electric Forest organizers, Jason’s campaign will deliver 17 additional water stations to EF15.  The Plug In Program also recently unveiled winners of its 2015 Hoop Troupe Contest, who will participate in a roving performance troupe during this year’s festival.  View the winners HERE. Opportunities to participate in Unmediated Photographer Auditions, the Ultimate Camp Contest 2015, and even the Group Hug World Record Attempt – are all still fair game.  More info on Electric Forest Plug In Programs can be seen HERE.