3Sirens Presents With Love Part 2 Out Now

Article Contributed by IVPR | Published on Friday, December 2, 2022

Following the success of their summer mixtape 3Sirens Presents With Love Part 1, the team behind East Nashville indie label and recording studio 3Sirens is at it again, embodying their mission statement of “Building community and celebrating great artists…all while having a little fun” in a brand new set of songs: With Love Part 2. “Building a 1960s style Laurel Canyon music community or a 1920’s Parisian artistic movement, a la Gertrude Stein, has always been the dream of 3Sirens. A nostalgic fantasy perhaps but a good pursuit nonetheless,” say 3Sirens founders and head-dreamers, The Grahams. As part of the greater picture of 3Sirens, pairing up trailblazing musicians with beloved, nostalgic songs became the tangible export of what was being built and nurtured—part love letter to the Nashville music community and part good-time, grade-A listening.

3Sirens Presents With Love Part 2 finds acts like Lilly Hiatt, Nicole Atkins, Chuck Mead, and more covering their favorites songs from the 80s and 90s with an all-star backing band. And while some artists chose to stick more closely to the original versions of these songs—see: Elizabeth Cook’s take on “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”—Patrick Sweany’s version of DEVO’s 1978 classic “Gates Of Steel” brings another feel to the table altogether, stripping away the signature synth-pop sound and focusing on the words and feelings of the song itself. With a much slower tempo and sparse R&B instrumentation, Sweany’s soulful voice shines through, transforming the original track into something else entirely.

Fans can now stream or purchase With Love Part 2 in its entirety right here. For those who want to revisit With Love Part 1, it can be streamed or purchased right here. Info on 3Sirens, the studio, and more can be found at 3sirens.com.

More About With Love: “With Love was our first real chance to bring fellow, local, creative minds together in one place to capture an era of music we all could connect to and have fun with,” say The Grahams. “We chose this era because we wanted to dig up some of the gems that were either ‘one-hit wonders’ or forgotten anthems and give them the Nashville treatment.” 3Sirens engineer, producer, and all-around studio guru Dex Green (Twen, Nicole Atkins, Margo Price, Collective Soul, Aaron Lee Tasjan) helmed the board. “The idea was to record songs that lived outside of the respective singer’s zip code so to speak. Like when Johnny Cash covered Nine Inch Nails kind of thing,” says Green—who enlisted Audley Freed, Fred Eltringham, and Robert Kearns of Sheryl Crow fame (among many others) to be the backing band for the sessions.

With Love: Part 2 Tracklist:

Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Elizabeth Cook (Original by Tears For Fears)

Road To Nowhere - Chuck Mead (Original by Talking Heads)

Don’t Get Me Wrong - The Grahams (Original by Pretenders)

1880 or So - Nicole Atkins (Original by Television)

Under The Milky Way - Lilly Hiatt (Original by The Church)

Gates Of Steel - Patrick Sweany (Original by DEVO)