The Accidentals Share Quarantine-C0-Writes EP TIME OUT (Session 1) On May 7

Article Contributed by IVPR | Published on Monday, March 8, 2021

Summing up The Accidentals in a concise, one-sentence description is nearly impossible. From the indie-folk-punk sound of their live show to the deep Americana strings on their soon to be released TIME OUT EP, you can’t put this band in a box. Yes, band members Sav Buist and Katie Larson are well-accomplished classical musicians, but at the same time, they have no problem picking up an electric guitar and bass to join fellow multi-instrumentalist Michael Dause in their full-blown indie power trio. Yes, they tour in rock clubs and play world-renowned festivals, but they take time out to teach workshops and inspire young, budding musicians across the country. Yes, they’ve played strings for international superstars like BTS, but they also back up jam-band mainstay Keller Williams in their side-project The Keller Williams Accident. One thing above all is certain; The Accidentals live and breathe music. And in the midst of quarantines, protests, marches, political division, and unprecedented uncertainty, Buist, Larson, and Dause continually do what they do best; create. On May 7th, the fruits of their lockdown labor will be available for all to devour on TIME OUT (Session 1). A five-song EP of all-new co-written material, TIME OUT features songwriting collaborations between The Accidentals and renown songwriters that Buist says, “Were among our earliest influences, their songs inspired us to try our hand at songwriting.” She’s talking about songwriters Kim Richey, Dar Williams, Maia Sharp, Tom Paxton, and Mary Gauthier & Jaimee Harris​.

Today, Under The Radar took time to chat with The Accidentals in conjunction with premiering the music video for “Wildfire,” noting that, “...rather than simply falling into nostalgia, the band looks to the future, hoping for the promise of new life and offering a simple hand of comfort.” Fans can watch the video at this link and listen to “Wildfire” right here.

“​Wildfire” was co-written virtually over Zoom with singer-songwriter ​Kim Richey (Trisha Yearwood, Radney Foster, Brooks & Dunn​). Cindy Howes at Club Passim in Cambridge, Mass., asked Buist to assist Richey on an upcoming event, after a livestreaming tutorial Buist published garnered attention from the media and independent venues. What started out as an introductory Zoom session would soon blossom into a friendship and a song for the times. The chorus: “Who knew we were drunk on borrowed time... waiting on a wildfire?” captures the overwhelming yearning to turn back time, to have one more day of normal. In the beginning of March 2020, the band was on their way to South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas, after a whirlwind 23-show tour. They were told to turn around in Arkansas and head home. It was no longer safe to keep touring.

“We didn’t see it coming. We were moving through life at breakneck speed, worried about ‘getting there’ instead of being present in the journey,” says Buist. “When the road came to a hard stop and everything went quiet, we realized the extent of what we had lost. It was devastating. We drove back to Nashville, packed some things and quarantined together in Northern Michigan. Our industry shut down completely. For the first time in eight years, we didn’t have anywhere to be. We found ourselves reaching out to each other in that process of navigating the isolation. We ended up collaborating with these incredible writers because for the first time in eight years we all had time. These songs might not have happened otherwise. We wanted to somehow capture the idea that even after all of this unbelievable heartbreak, some beauty can still come from it. TIME OUT​ is a healing anthem for us, and we hope it is for you too.”

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Time Out (Session 1) Tracklisting and Co-writers:

Might As Well Be Gold (Maia Sharp)

Night Train (Dar Williams)

Wildfire (Kim Richey)

Anyway (Tom Paxton)

All Shall Be Well (Mary Gauthier & Jaimee Harris)