AJ Lee & Blue Summit Blaze Their Own Path With New Album City of Glass

Article Contributed by IVPR | Published on Tuesday, April 23, 2024

While it would be easy for a rapidly rising band like AJ Lee & Blue Summit to chase current trends or popular sounds, the Northern California quartet is more interested in discovering themselves and their music through sonics and textures truly their own. This is not the bluegrass of ambitious musicians intent on industry success, this is music made solely for the joy of making it.

On July 19th, Lee & Blue Summit are sharing the fruits of their process with the world with their third full-length album, City of Glass. Produced by The California Honeydrops’ Lech Wierzynski and releasing on Signature Sounds—making it the band’s first label-backed record—City of Glass finds Lee (mandolin), Sullivan Tuttle (guitar), Scott Gales (guitar), and Jan Purat (fiddle) still carrying the youthful, festival-parking-lot energy that brought them together, but with the genuine ease and confidence of recording artist veterans well beyond their years.

Today, to announce their upcoming release, Lee & Blue Summit shared City of Glass’s first single, “Hillside.” Opening with Lee accompanying her own singing with a warm mandolin, underpinned by a drone from Purat’s fiddle, “Hillside” feels old and wise; an Appalachian dirge from the perspective of a hill being eroded by weather and chipped by the tools of man. “Still, the hill aspires to become a mountain and refuses to give in to the bombardment of forces,” says Lee, whose metaphor stretches well beyond the geology of a hillside. “This song represents women's empowerment, resilience, and strength,” she says. A relisten of “Hillside” with that in mind opens a whole new door for interpretation and inspiration; the first look into Lee & Blue Summit’s holistic approach to the creation of City of Glass.

Fans can hear “Hillside” today and be sure to pre-order or pre-save City of Glass ahead of its July release right here. AJ Lee & Blue Summit hit the road again on May 2nd in McCloud, California. A full list of tour dates can be found below or at bluesummitmusic.com/tour-dates.

More About City of Glass: City of Glass is a California affair, through and through. Lee & Blue Summit brought in Lech Wierzynski, of the California Honeydrops, to produce; they tapped Bay Area steel guitarist Mikiya Matsuda for a couple of tracks; plus they had Californian banjo player, and instructor, Luke Abbott lend five-string to a number. The group is proud to be Californian, proud to represent the neo-traditionalist bluegrass and folk from the state and the mighty communities surrounding them. Their music shines with this “think global, act local” sort of approach.

Wierzynski prioritized making the band sound exactly like themselves, producing the vocals to be and sound live whenever possible, moving the band along when a take checked all the boxes and still bringing in genre and aesthetic inspirations that feel brand new. City of Glass, as a result, is an album that’s just as much country soul and gritty, bluesy Americana as it is bluegrass, all framed through a California folk lens while clearly primed for a much wider audience.

City of Glass Tracklisting:


He Called Me Baby

Seaside Town

I Can’t Find You at All (feat. Molly Tuttle)

City of Glass


I Still Think of Her

Sick on a Plane

Bakersfield Clay

Bedside Window (feat. Lech Wierzynski)

Solicitor Man

All I Know

Catch AJ Lee & Blue Summit On Tour:

May 2 - McCloud, CA - McCloud River Bed & Breakfast

May 3 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios

May 4 - Seattle, WA - Tractor Tavern

May 7 - Hood River, OR - The Ruins

May 9 - Arcata, CA - Humboldt Brews

May 10 - Sebastopol, CA - Hopmonk Tavern

May 11 - Santa Cruz, CA - Moe’s Alley

May 15 - Flagstaff, AZ - Yucca North

May 16 - Phoenix, AZ - Valley Bar

May 17 - Tucson, AZ - Club Congress

May 19 - Agoura Hills, CA - Topanga Fiddle Festival

May 26 - Grass Valley, CA - Strawberry Music Festival

June 8 - Wind Gap, PA - Wind Gap Bluegrass Festival

June 20-21 - Telluride, CO - Telluride Bluegrass Festival

June 27 - Victor, ID - Music on Main

June 29-30 - Sisters, OR - Big Ponderoo Festival

July 6 - Quincy, CA - High Sierra Music Festival

July 9 - Rockford, IL - Anderson Japanese Gardens

July 11 - Sheboygan, WI - Levitt Shell

July 12 - Buchanan, MI - Buchanan Commons Music Series

July 13 - Frankfort, IL - Frankfort Bluegrass on the Green Festival

July 20-21 - Darrington, WA - Darrington Bluegrass Festival

Aug. 13 - Ridgefield, CT - CHIRP

Aug. 16 - Philadelphia, PA - Philadelphia Folk Festival

Aug.17 - Manchester, VT - Green Mountain Bluegrass and Roots

Aug. 24 - Novato, CA - Hopmonk Tavern

Aug. 25 - Washoe Valley, NV - Bowers Bluegrass Festival

Aug 30 - Chattanooga, TN - Nightfall Concert Series

Aug. 31 - Mill Spring, NC - Earl Scruggs Music Festival

Sept. 14 - Bristol, VA - Bristol Rhythm and Roots Festival

Sept. 18 - Nashville, TN - Americana Music Festival

Sept. 20 - Winfield, KS - Walnut Valley Festival

For ticket information, please visit www.bluesummitmusic.com/tour-dates.