Al Basile Is "Through with Cool" on His New Blues/Roots CD Due August 19

Article Contributed by Mark Pucci Media | Published on Friday, July 8, 2022

Eight-time Blues Music Award-nominated singer/songwriter/cornetist Al Basile announces an August 19 release date for his latest CD, Through with Cool, on Sweetspot Records, distributed by City Hall Records.

Through with Cool benefits from Al Basile’s quickly- growing skills as his own producer, refining the sound of his last two production efforts Last Hand and B's Testimony, as Basile directed all the aspects of the new project, recorded by Jack Gauthier at Lakewest Studios in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. Basile (vocals and cornet) is joined on the new disc by his veteran crew of New England music all-stars: Bruce Bears on keyboards, Brad Hallen on bass, Mark Teixeira on drums, Doug James on tenor sax and Jeff “Doc” Chanonhouse on trumpet, plus the guitar wizardry of multi-Blues Music Award nominee Kid Andersen. And fans of Basile’s signature cornet work will be pleased to know that his horn playing has reached another level on the new disc.

Basile will help promote the new disc with a 200 station national radio promotion by Todd Glazer Promotions, and a long-term publicity campaign by Mark Pucci Media; plus print ads in blues magazines, and a CD sampler track in Relix Magazine.

“Through with Cool is the most completely realized of my 19 albums – the closest to what I heard on my head when I first conceived of the songs,” Basile says. “I've worked with Mark, Bruce, and Brad on ten CDs, and they know my music inside and out. The horns have been together on my projects multiple times. And Kid Andersen has outdone himself on his second time out, coming up with great rhythm parts and a rainbow of different guitar colors, each an enhancement to the songs. His versatility and taste show his nomination as best guitarist at this year's BMAs was apt, and I turned him loose on a few extra-long solos that are spectacular. We've also stepped up our production game, with seamless teamwork between Jack Gauthier in the studio and Glenn Halverson in mastering on this, their second project together. It's my best sounding record.”

Other changes make this an improved Al Basile effort. “After a couple of years of vocal difficulties, which were finally diagnosed and healed, I'm singing with more ease and control on this one,” he reveals. “My voice is more responsive, and my phrasing has gained a smoothness that lets me do more with the words. And I spent many more hours practicing my horn during COVID, which has resulted in more control over my cornet sound and lots of fresh ideas. It's great to be improving at these things I love to do as I enter my mid-seventies. Of course, in the end it's really all about the songs – that's why I make records. I express myself by writing poems, plays, and songs – in the poems I'm on my own, but with plays and songs I need help to realize the vision. I'm blessed to have great collaborators who bring out the life in my writing and back me up like champs. We're all proud of Through with Cool. It's the product of many lifetimes spent by the guys and me, learning and refining the skills you hear on it.”

Through with Cool Track Listing

1.   Keep on Living   

2.   My Hero                      

3.   I'm Waiting                

4.   Say My Name

5.   Two Legged Mule

6.   Take your Time

7.   Couldn't Live With It

8.   Not Anyplace at All

9.   We Belong Together

10. Uh Huh

11. Turnabout is Fair Play

12. You Better Change Your Tune

13. We Lie on Your Grave

14. Through with Cool