Alan Evans (Soulive, Alan Evans Trio) Announces The 7 Day Weekend Releases New Single “Show and Tell”

Article Contributed by Press Junkie PR | Published on Monday, November 28, 2022

The 7 Day Weekend duo are back with the single “Show and Tell” featuring Nephrok! The new song is the first release from their upcoming album Dream Fantastic and is due out with High Wire Records (

7 Day Weekend was born from and influenced by the sounds and compositions of 60’s and 70’s film composers. Comprised of Alan Evans (Soulive, Alan Evans Trio) and Kris Yunker (Alan Evans Trio), the duo has combined their songwriting and production esthetic to create what they describe as “electrorganic music.” Kicking off the new album roll out with “Show and Tell” the band highlights their continuous evolution as songwriters and musicians.

Nephrok! the lead singer of the Somerville, MA based Nephrok! Allstars wrote the new song “Show and Tell.” Nephrok! expresses, "There’s always been a challenge in the synchronicity between words and actions in the human experience. It transcends all aspects of life, but this particular song was inspired by a relationship I was in. The struggle of bringing into harmony thoughts and  emotions while healing from traumas and managing impulses was life’s beautiful poetry.”

He continues, “The title and hook came to me while I was scribbling lyrics and trying to write what I was feeling while my son was simultaneously asking me what to bring to school for show and tell.”

“Show and Tell” was recorded at Alan Evans’ Iron Wax Studios in Erving, MA.  Kris Yunker and Alan Evans produced the single together and Alan recorded, mixed and mastered it. Reflecting back on the new single, they conclude, “We wanted to explore new sounds and feelings for this new album and “Show and Tell” is the perfect intro to the new album. We are really excited about where we are heading.”

High Wire Records brings the same aesthetic for quality, authentic music to releases as its parent label Vintage League Music (VLM). However, the focus of High Wire is genres from outside of the soul funk domain. “Show and Tell” continues to showcase the imprint's dynamic and diverse sound.

The new single is out now, listen here: