Album Review: Pete Kartsounes - Songs In The Key Of Love

Article Contributed by June Reedy | Published on Monday, March 11, 2024

In his 14th studio release, Pete Kartsounes unveils a musical gem he's long envisioned—the enchanting Songs In The Key Of Love. Described by the artist as an endeavor to create an album "as pretty as I can make it," the project is intricately woven with the universal thread that binds us all: LOVE.

Pete Kartsounes | Songs in the Key of Love | Available Worldwide on 3/22/24

The contemplative journey of crafting music is amplified in the studio, where the volume bar of meditation is raised. Songs in the Key of Love emerges as a polished masterpiece adorned with dream-like compositions. Against the backdrop of today's turbulent world, Kartsounes suggests that only love has the power to sustain us—an anticipatory message for the awaited day of healing. Until then, immerse yourself in the soothing melodies of Pete Kartsounes' Songs in the Key of Love, a musical medicine to soothe your ruffled feathers as you fly in the face of another day.

"Count Your Blessings" becomes a mantra, urging listeners to appreciate the warmth of home. The album unfolds with poetic precision, as lyrics lay out like landscapes across a windshield, creating an overarching sense of travel. "Forever Changed" transports the listener to the southwest, painting a vivid picture of a sundown at a saloon, where the night shift begins. The native flute invokes the glory of a sunset and the cold desert evenings, marking the moment when lives were "Forever Changed."

“Two Souls Collide” captures another sweet love song while "Could This Be Love" deviates from perceived reggae beats, exploring the raw vulnerability of love. The symphonic piano in "Could You Be Love" evokes a craving sensation. At the same time "Dreamers Delight" continues the piano-driven narrative, guiding the listener into a dreamlike state before sleep, that almighty minute or two before the alarm beeps and the day officially begins. 

Pete Kartsounes | Photo by Gary Calicott

The pinnacle of the album is "Only For You," a tender trepidation at song number 8 out of 11. Memories bounce along the fretboard of Kartsounes' guitar, adorned by meticulous production values that transcend music to adorn time itself. The listener is left alive with lovely goosebumps, the album's melodies resonating within.

"It’s Easy When the Lovin’s Right" showcases Pete's windchime vocals, ringing out like the sound of air, capturing hearts with meaningful lyrics. "If Only I Could Fly" resonates with echoes of The Beatles' "Blackbird," while the album concludes with "The Prettiest View." Like the dawn of a new day, love emerges as the healer and provider of the prettiest view. The album ends without a prolonged coda, leaving the listener eager to hit the replay button. Songs In The Key Of Love is a harmonious journey through the landscapes of love, skillfully orchestrated by Pete Kartsounes.