ALDO NOVA Today Releases “Burn Like The Sun” Single

Article Contributed by SRO | Published on Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Multi-platinum GRAMMY® Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist ALDO NOVA has today (February 22) released a performance video for “Burn Like The Sun,” the latest single from his forthcoming 10-song EP titled THE LIFE AND TIMES OF EDDIE GAGE. Watch the video here and listen to the single here.

Set for release on April 1, the songs on THE LIFE AND TIMES OF EDDIE GAGE mark the first chapter of his larger-than-life rock opera. The iconic Montreal maverick will subsequently release the triple disc ALDO NOVA 2.0 RELOADED on April 19. It will feature 2.0 versions of nine classic songs from ALDO’s catalog, plus another disc with no lead vocal track and a third disc with no lead guitar track so fans can either sing along or play along with him.
Of “Burn Like The Sun,” ALDO, who’s spent more than four decades in music with dozens of classic songs and hundreds of shows, says: “The song describes Eddie’s life's ups and downs and rebirth. In the opera, ‘Burn Like the Sun’ is the last song that Eddie sings and it sums up his life perfectly with everything coming full circle because it was the only song he had ever written that wasn't owned by any publishing company or record company, so it's fitting that the beginning becomes the same song that makes him reborn. ‘Burn Like the Sun’ describes Eddie's long journey.”
Elaborates ALDO: “In the second verse he says, ‘Life, is given to you, with each step that you take there's a chance you could win or lose, and love, yeah love's been untrue, almost took the last beat of my heart but then there was you.’ When he says ‘you,’ he could be talking about a woman, or in his case, it has a more spiritual meaning since in the previous song, ‘Say a Little Prayer,’ he rediscovers his faith which gives him the strength to go on. He then literally ‘Burns Like the Sun’ when he performs this song as his last song in his concert.”
THE LIFE AND TIMES OF EDDIE GAGE rock opera tells the story of Eddie Gage, a prodigious ingénue who breaks into the music industry only to be preyed upon by a nefarious suit Andy Christos, manipulated by a corporate overlord M.F. Stophalis, and tempted by a succubus Rati Ayida. Drugs, alcohol, and excess plunge him into despair until he realizes redemption on his own terms.
The musical journey of THE LIFE AND TIMES OF EDDIE GAGE began in 2008, when ALDO started to assemble what would become 25 songs (which ALDO will eventually release). Throughout the work, ALDO distills his often-unbelievable musical journey into the allegory of the rock opera, which he wrote, produced, arranged, engineered, and mixed entirely. The recording includes a 40-piece orchestra, a full gospel choir, Lee Levin on drums and mastering from the legendary Bob Ludwig. In addition, a one song bonus disc will accompany the collection with the soaring instrumental song "Les Anges.”
Following the release of THE LIFE AND TIMES OF EDDIE GAGE, ALDO will turn the page on the next chapter of this story with the three-disc ALDO NOVA 2.0 RELOADED. The three-disc recording features nine classics from his catalog new recordings--not only as the 2.0 versions of the songs, but also as alternate versions with no lead vocal track and another with no lead guitar track so fans can finally either sing along or play with him.
1.  Hey Ladi Dadi
2.  Free Your Mind
3.  Follow The Road
4.  King Of Deceit
5.  The Bitch In Black
6.  On The Way To The Psycho Ward
7.  When All Is Said And Done
8.  Say A Little Prayer
9.  Burn Like The Sun
10.Bonus Track: Les Anges--Composed, Arranged and Performed by Aldo Nova