Anna Rose | Pray to the Trees | Review

Article Contributed by Christina Bosch | Published on Thursday, May 18, 2023

For over two decades songwriter, artist, and producer Anna Rose has honed her craft, fueled her passion for creating music, and release after release continues to thrill her fans with her honesty. Her upcoming full-length album, Last Girl at the Rodeo focuses even deeper on the integrity and raw vulnerability that Rose hopes to find and share through her music. She often crosses genre lines, bends and blends her influences, and designs a lane all her own.

“Pray to the Trees” opens with Rose’s delicate vocal - solemnly taking a simple moment to question and examine how one person and the emotions they carry can affect another. Then just as the inquisition unfolds, a resounding yet distorted electronic beat hits the listener cinematically as she sings, “Would you still love me if all of this ends…”  Slowly wrapping up over a quiet piano, Rose’s voice is powerful as she declares and repeats “I’m not your savior, you are your own”.

Anna Rose pushes boundaries with her music and in particular, her songwriting. Her forthcoming album due out later this year will further showcase her talent and staying power throughout the years.