Austin's Lady Dan announces debut album "I Am The Prophet"

Article Contributed by Lucky Bird Media | Published on Thursday, February 11, 2021

Austin’s Lady Dan is announcing her debut album, I Am The Prophet, which is coming out through Earth Libraries on April 23rd, today. The announcement is paired with the music video for the eponymous lead single that follows Lady Dan’s singer/songwriter Tyler Dozier trudging through the deserts of Texas. The cinematic video is the perfect visual accompaniment to the kaleidoscopic first offering from the new artist. On her debut Dozier writes darkly catchy indie-rock songs, which flirt with psych-rock and country, weaving biblical imagery, feminist empowerment and existential quandries through the 11-songs on I Am The Prophet.

Hailing from Dothan, AL, Dozier grew up in a strictly religious environment, moving to Birmingham, AL in her early twenties to attend a monastery school, which was when she began to question the role of the Church in her life. It was an amalgamation of the Church and a controlling relationship that birthed the crux of I Am the Prophet – a celebration of sorts about destabilising patriarchal restraints that refused her growth. Lady Dan’s first single arrives as a multilayered existential contemplation of empowerment and restriction, of life and death, and of faith and its absence. It's littered with poetic imagery and Biblical allusions knotted together with Dozier's brilliant songwriting.

Speaking to the first single Dozier says;

"I Am the Prophet" was born of the resentment that comes with the modern dating era: a month getting to know someone, letting them know you, and the other party backing out once things are meant to progress. So you stay on this constant loop, like a rodent running  on a wheel, doomed to repeat the cycle until you’re so tired you just give up completely. Then, throw some sacrilege in for a little flavor."

I Am The Prophet Track List

1. Paradox

2. Dogs

3. Better Off Alone

4. Plagiarist’s Blues

5. I Am The Prophet

6. Intro To Loss

7. No Home

8. Misandrist To Most

9. The Boys Who Can’t Sit Still

10. Drink Your Sorrows

11. Left-Handed Love