The Bacon Brothers Announce New Album, Unveil First Single

Article Contributed by Devious Planet | Published on Friday, December 1, 2023

The Bacon Brothers, featuring Michael and Kevin Bacon, are pleased to announce the release of the title track from their forthcoming album, Ballad Of The Brothers, will be released on April 19th via Forosoco Music / 40 Below Records and is available for pre-order here on CD, Vinyl L.P. and digital download.
The siblings have spent the best of three decades creating their own mix of folk, rock, soul, and country music. They call that diverse sound "forosoco," it's taken them worldwide, from headlining gigs in Japan to American performances at iconic venues like Carnegie Hall, the Grand Ole Opry, and Gruene Hall.

Their musical exploration continues with the band's twelfth release, Ballad Of The Brothers. It's a record that highlights the similarities between Kevin Bacon (known worldwide as an A-list Hollywood actor) and Michael Bacon (celebrated as an Emmy-winning composer) and the differences, too.
The album's title track was inspired by Gruene Hall, the historic 145-year-old dancehall in New Braunfels, Texas, (where Willie Nelson played some of his most memorable shows), that inspired Michael Bacon to write "Ballad Of The Brothers (The Willie Door)."

Influenced by story-driven songwriters like Woody Guthrie and Guy Clark, "Ballad Of The Brothers (The Willie Door)" spins a wild narrative of two East Coast city slickers who, on a whim, take a road trip to Texas. Whether by fate or by Faust, they eventually find themselves onstage at a Texas honky-tonk, blessed with musical talent they didn't know they had. "I wanted to write a Faustian story set in one of my favorite states ever," says Michael. "It's sort of like Texas' own version of Charlie Daniels 'The Devil Went Down to Georgia."
For Michael and Kevin Bacon, Ballad Of The Brothers marks the continuation of a musical partnership that began long ago in Philadelphia, where the two siblings were raised on a soundtrack of 1970s singer/songwriters, Philly soul bands, and classic rock acts. They're creating their own soundtrack now, and like many artistic endeavors, the work is never truly done.


    Take Off This Tattoo
    Losing The Night
    Put Your Hand Up
    Dreams Of The San Joaquin
    Old Bronco
    Airport Bar
    We Belong
    Let That Be Enough
    Ballad Of The Brothers (The Willie Door)
    Live With The Lie