The Bacon Brothers Unveil New Video Directed by Kevin Bacon --- New Album, 'The Way We Love' - Out Now!

Article Contributed by Devious Planet | Published on Monday, September 21, 2020

The Bacon Brothers are pleased to announce the release of their new video for track "Bigger" which is off of their newly released  album, The Way We Love. Of the video produced and directed by Kevin Bacon, Kevin notes, “Spending lots of time in the basement these days made me want to put on a live show, but all I had were old toys. Lots of variable sizes and scales seemed to fit nicely into a song called 'Bigger.'”

The new album, The Way We Love, contains ten tracks, seven of which were produced by the brothers, two by Philadelphia producer/engineer Joe Nicolo, one produced by Saverio Principini. Two of the exceptional offerings were recorded live at Sony Hall in New York City. It’s also one of their most emotionally charged collections to date, and one of their most dynamic and diverse as well. 

With ten albums to their credit, and a career that's spanned over 23 years, it’s clear their band isn’t simply a sideline that supplements their day jobs. The Way We Love contains a series of songs that explore those intimate relationships with the people and ideals that become a source of both purpose and passion. True to form, the album finds the brothers covering a wide array of styles and sounds

To date, the Bacon's have released five videos for the new album. To their multitude of fans delight, they've put out  "Play!,"  "She-Zee-Zee (Easy on My Eyes),”  "The Way We Love." "Corona Tune" and enjoyed a 'World Wide Debut' at Ditty TV with "Bigger."

Fiercely devoted to making music, even from an early age (they cite such influences as the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Motown, Led Zeppelin, Philly Soul, and James Taylor, with mentions from Michael of Pete seeger, Jimmy Rogers, Chet Atkins, and the Jim Kweskin Jug Band, and additional kudos to Michael from Kevin for his input,) the two siblings share a singular body of work that’s found them spending more than 20 years of working the road and paying their dues, resulting in nine albums – Forosoco (1997,) Getting There (1999,) Can’t Complain (2001,) Live: The No Food Jokes Tour (2003,) White Knuckles (2005,) New Year’s Day (2009,) Philadelphia Road (2011,) 36 Cents (2014,) and the eponymous, The Bacon Brothers (2018) -- spanning rock, soul, folk and Americana. Never content to be typecast, they’re fiercely devoted to the cause of making music, undeterred by fame, fortune or the pitfalls that frequently obstruct the path to success.

As far as their day jobs are concerned, Kevin Bacon is an award-winning actor with 80 films and dozens of television and stage credits to his name, resulting in numerous Emmy and Screen Actors Guild nominations cited in his resume. Kevin is getting ready to begin production on the second season of City on a Hill and continues his ongoing charity efforts with Older brother Michael is an Emmy-winning composer who is beginning work on the PBS program, FindingYour Roots-Season 7. Per Michael, "This has been a favorite project of mine, using mandolins, guitars, cello, voices. percussion and wooden flutes. It's gratifying to be a part of this iconic show for so many years."

Still, while it’s clear that Michael and Kevin don’t view the band as simply a sideline, their commitment is clear. Indeed, the high points have been many. Kevin points to a recent opening slot at The Grand Ole Opry, supporting The Band at Carnegie Hall, surveying the Texas landscape in the midst of a lightning storm, rocking the Stone Pony on the Jersey Shore and performing at the legendary Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa. For Michael, it’s been all about making their mark overseas, touring in Germany and Japan, and the fascination he feels performing for overseas audiences.