Baked Shrimp | Rockwood Music Hall | 4/7/2023

Article Contributed by Jamie Huenefeld | Published on Thursday, April 13, 2023

When names like Baked Shrimp are mentioned, images of the delicious seafood dish often fill the mind, particularly for those who live on the coast of Long Island where shrimp are native. There is another Baked Shrimp in town, and they are the equally tasty, progressive funk trio from Long Island, NY. They headlined the Rockwood Music Hall's Stage Two on April 7, 2023, along with New Jersey's One Eyed Jack, for a refreshing night of original tunes, extended improvisation, and a few notable covers.

One Eyed Jack | Rockwood Music Hall

The psychedelic rock sextet One Eyed Jack took the stage around 8:30pm. Their lineup for the evening included guitarist Gary Gallagher, bassist Adam Riley, singer Rosie Lazroe, drummer Vincent Smith, and guitarist Pete Tonti. Keyboardist Joe Biglin was notably missing, but his talented band mates soldiered on. The group brought some stellar grooves that felt reminiscent of the Grateful Dead. Lazroe layered inspiring vocals into the mix, which is often missing from jam rock bands. The crowd was energized towards the end of their short, but sweet set when the band dove into the Allman Brother's "Midnight Rider," and would have loved to hear more.

Guitarist Jared Cowen | Baked Shrimp

Baked Shrimp took the stage shortly thereafter, and unleashed plenty of explorative jams. Their line up for the evening incorporated guitarist Jared Cowen, drummer Jager Soss, and bassist Scott Reill. Their set began with the musical parody by Terry Adams "Howard Johnson's Got his HoJo Workin." The power funk trio found themselves in the pocket early, as the jams went deep. Towards the end of the set, Cowen sang the soulful "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers, as the fans enjoyed this well known cover. During the encore, Cowen announced that Baked Shrimp will play a pre-party for Phish on July 29th, 2023.

Bassist Scott Reill | Baked Shrimp

Both One Eyed Jack and Baked Shrimp put on a great show, and are emerging artists that are worth checking out. Baked Shrimp is up next at Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs, NY on April 19th, with more dates on their tour page. One Eyed Jack will be at the Crossroads in Garwood, NJ on April 20th, with additional dates on their ledger as well.

Check out more photos of Baked Shrimp and One Eyed Jack from the show!

One Eyed Jack
Set: Middle of the Road, Keep Your Head, In So Many Ways, Midnight Rider1, Drivin' Nails

Baked Shrimp
Set: Howard Johnson's Got his HoJo Workin2, Stomatopoda, The Maverick, Robinhood, Smoke 'em If You Got 'em, Dick Turk34, All the Way Back Home, Little Chameleon -> Ain't No Sunshine5, The Narcissist
Encore: Ugly Girl, Boom Boom at the Buc-ee's

1. Allman Brothers
2. Terry Adams
3. "Hava Nagila" tease
4. "Rock Lobster" tease
5. Bill Withers

One Eyed Jack | New York, NY

Baked Shrimp | Rockwood Music Hall

Baked Shrimp | Rockkwood Music Hall

Baked Shrimp | Rockwood Music Hall

Drummer Jager Soss | Baked Shrimp

Singer Rosie Lazroe | One Eyed Jack