Baltimore's Americana Star Letitia VanSant Releases New Album

Article Contributed by JP Cutler Media | Published on Saturday, October 14, 2017

In a time when embracing the heart and soul of humanity is at a critical moment, Baltimore's Americana songstress Letitia VanSant releases a poignant collection of originals and one cover on her debut nationally distributed studio album, Gut It To The Studs (Release Date: February 2, 2018). VanSant sings of emotional empowerment, taking control of one's destiny and leading with truth in her singular compositions, while offering a standout indie-folk rendition of Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth." Letitia VanSant is available for interviews, and hi-res JPGs are available upon request.

In her music as in her life, VanSant has always sought to wrestle with worthy questions and impact social change. Before her return to Baltimore, VanSant earned a concentration in Human Rights & Humanitarian Issues from Macalester College (St. Paul, MN). Afterwards she traveled to Detroit to work with the Obama campaign and then signed on with AmeriCorps for a year developing gardens at public schools. Five years of work with a progressive advocacy group landed her in Washington DC. On weekends, she reflected on the state of society through her songs, earning a regional following in coffee shops and clubs.

"We are in this political crisis in part because we have a lot of spiritual work to do," says VanSant. "This moment requires us to think deeply about our priorities, to confront our fears, to really know ourselves. We have to build the relationships and the emotional fortitude to sustain a movement."

Upon weighing the power of music to move people, she ultimately left her nine-to- five job in DC to become a musician. She hasn't looked back since, and for good reason. She's won a slew of awards with Kerrville (New Folk Winner), the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest (Gold; Folk Category), Falcon Ridge (Emerging Artist), and Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Songwriting Contest (1st Alternate). She's graced the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage, and placed among the Top 10 listener-voted "Songs of the Year" by her local radio station WTMD.

VanSant's national debut Gut It To The Studs opens in tandem with her life as a full-time artist. To get off of the beaten path, though, one must contend with the uncertainties of uncharted territory. "Where I'm Bound" shows VanSant persevering through a "land of broken promises and streets of fool's gold" with a "map in the stars," and by following her faith.

In an effort to feel comfortable in her new skin, she looked at her emerging life and had to "Gut It To The Studs." She sings, "gotta get the wires a-running right 'fore the dry wall goes back up."

"Come Sit By My Fire," proves the potency of companionship; sometimes the most you can offer a loved one is your presence. Following the passing of a friend's mother, she sings, "...I can only stand at the edge of your sadness and let the sorrow lap against my feet. And I can't walk that lonesome valley for you, I can only sing you to sleep."

"Taking Back The Reigns" reflects the notion that insecurities will follow you wherever you roam. In order to face your demons and not allow them to swallow up your life, you have to encounter the forces unseen and look them in the eye. If you let fear drive your soul, "then left unchecked it will rule the whole world."

"Sweet Bay Magnolia" is an homage to a very underrated grief, the death of a dog. Her pitbull Champ had to suddenly be put to sleep, and VanSant laments the loss, "There's a sweet bay magnolia at the little spot we picked out for you...I wish I could be so kind to each soul who knocks at my door." Her song "Bluebird" reckons with a different kind of loss, the feeling of being on top of the world when it suddenly disappears just as quickly as a bird takes flight from a windowsill.

On "The Field," VanSant likens her inner journey to the labor of farming, as she sings, "I'll pick up my plough and I'll pick up my hoe, for the soil is rocky and dry."

The sole cover on the album, "For What It's Worth," stands the test of time as a true protest anthem. VanSant churns out a powerful Americana interpretation inspired by recent protests against police brutality. She comments, "Being in Baltimore, you can't deny the stark injustice of racial inequality. The killing of Freddie Gray woke a lot of people up. We owe so much to the people who fought for justice in decades past, particularly in the '60s when this song was first released. I recorded this song as a reminder to myself that the present moment is just as critically important to our nation's history."

"Wild Heart Roam" yearns for breaking free and being your own person. "Dandelion" echoes our generation's keen interest in building communities that are nourishing and real. VanSant sings, "In a moment of despair you looked at your feet, saw a rebel dandelion pushing through the street... I know you have sown a thousand seeds, I know they can set this hard earth free, I hope that someday we will be free."

"Sundown Town" is a biting account of VanSant's experience as a white woman in Baltimore, recognizing how perceptions of safety reinforce historical patterns of segregation. VanSant believes we can't just "let fear draw the map."

Upright bass virtuoso Alex Lacquement (Bumper Jacksons, Charm City Junction) produced the album -- VanSant says, "he has a special talent for taking the emotional content of a song and translating it into a great arrangement." The songs were co-produced, engineered and mixed by Don Godwin of Airshow Studio (Takoma Park, MD), and feature vocals and guitar from David McKindley-Ward, VanSant's long-time collaborator. The album also showcases some of the region's greatest musical talents, including Patrick McAvinue (Dailey & Vincent), Laura Wortman (Honey Dewdrops), Dan Ryan (Super City), Will McKindley-Ward (Fellow Creatures), Sam McCormally (Fellow Creatures), Dan Samuels (Bumper Jacksons), and Manny Arciniega, as well as a cameo from Charlie Rose (Elephant Revival).

Letitia VanSant will tour in select markets across the country in spring 2018. For updated information regarding all forthcoming tour dates, please visit

Letitia VanSant
Gut It To The Studs
Release Date: February 2, 2018

1. I Know Just Where I'm Bound
2. Gut It To The Studs
3. Come Sit By My Fire
4. Taking Back the Reigns
5. Sweet Bay Magnolia
6. Bluebird
7. The Field
8. For What It's Worth
9. Wild Heart Roam
10. Dandelion
11. Sundown Town