Ben Sollee Shares “Misty Miles” Lauded Musician Heralds Eagerly Awaited New Album With Single

Article Contributed by Big Hassle Media | Published on Friday, May 24, 2024

Kentucky musician Ben Sollee today shares “Misty Miles,” the first song released from his upcoming album Long Haul. The album, out August 16 via sonaBlast! Recordings, has Sollee drawing from diverse influences. Appalachia, Polynesia, Muscle Shoals Studios and West Africa are all present in the music that underpins Sollee’s vocals and unique cello playing. The album’s title is a reference to Sollee’s personal battle with and overcoming the effects of long-COVID.

“In my healing journey from long-COVID I was reflecting on moments of revery and transcendence in my life. One of those was on a 2013 “Ditch the Van” bicycle tour along the coast of South Carolina. We found ourselves riding through a cathedral of live oaks trees in the low-slung, morning light that strobed through the mossy trees. It was quiet, except for the breeze and hiss rolling wheels. It was a moment I felt at peace… satisfied. It was enough, and yet I continued to strive again and again for more. That’s a mystery to me about myself and human nature.” – Ben Sollee

Long Haul is Sollee’s first album in seven years, and while he slowed down both his touring schedule and his solo recording to grow his family and continue work in the community, he has maintained a busy schedule; scoring films such as LAND from director Robin Wright, and Maggie Moore(s), a John Slattery film featuring Tina Fey and Jon Hamm as well as providing the score to the Peabody nominated podcast Unreformed. In 2019, Sollee dug deeper into his activism (previously with Oxfam America, The Nature Conservancy and Patagonia) by helping to launch Canopy, a non-profit organization that supports Kentucky businesses who positively impact their communities and the planet.

Long Haul’s lyrics draws from both communal and private events over the last seven years. From a critical look at consumerism and greed in “Misty Miles” to his aforementioned battle with long COVID to the suicide of a close friend and musical compatriot Jordon Ellis and death of his own father in “One More Day” Long Haul is a personal album, but its themes are universal and relatable to anyone who has endured the past four years and are presented in way that are uniquely Ben Sollee.



Misty Miles

Sweet Blood

Long Haul

Casino Loyale

Be Here

One More Day

Under The Spell

Hawk & Crows

When You Gonna Learn

About Ben Sollee: Over the last two decades, Kentuckian Ben Sollee has distinguished himself as multi-faceted creative, blurring the lines between music, tech, and activism. A graduate of the University of Louisville School of Music, he holds a BFA in cello performance. Since his debut record in 2008, Mr. Sollee has released 6 studio records and nearly 10 EPs garnering praise from the New York Times and NPR. His music has been featured in tv shows such as Weeds and Parenthood. In addition, Sollee has a growing career as a composer for film, tv, and interactive media earning an Emmy Award in 2018 for his score on the ABC special Base Ballet. Beyond music, Mr. Sollee is known for his social and environmental advocacy working with organizations like Oxfam America, The Nature Conservancy, and Canopy KY to protect people and the land. He is also known in the past for touring on bicycle as part of his Ditch The Van Tours.” He currently lives in Louisville, KY with his wife and three children.