Big Hands Rhythm & Blues Band Covers “I Got Loaded”

Article Contributed by The Press House | Published on Friday, May 1, 2020

Big Hands Rhythm & Blues Band is back with a swinging new single, bringing their signature style to the spirited classic tune “I Got Loaded.”

The single and video, released on April 30th, were recorded in Studio G, the rehearsal-space-turned-recording-studio housed in the heart of Brooklyn. It’s a venue that’s been used over the years by artists from Joel Hamilton and Beck to the Black Keys and the Plastic Ono Band, and the comfortable and creative environment proved to be the perfect setting to lay down a song about kicking back and unapologetically having fun.

“I Got Loaded” features Osei Essed behind the mic, where he lets loose on the lyrics in a joyous shout. Joining the party – or afterparty, given the song’s story – are the band’s founder and guitarist, Simon Kafka, bassist Andy Hess, organist Brian Mitchell (subbing for the band’s regular bassist and organist, Chris Kuffner and Todd Caldwell, respectively), and Zach Jones on drums. The band’s decision to film the video in the recording studio brings fans into the heart of the festivities, putting on display the contagious energy that pours from every performance by the Big Hands Rhythm & Blues Band.

“Osei and I actually changed the song and wrote an original bridge that only we play,” said Kafka. “I discovered the song on a vinyl I purchased by a band called Lil’ Bob and the Lollipops – a huge inspiration for me. The song is just about having fun and shaking your body and letting go. The band exists because I wanted to create something fun with no audience requirements at all.”

About the band bringing their own vibrant style to the classic song, Essed added: “Simon found the tune; I’d never heard it, but its a lot of fun to sing. Apart from the bridge, the feel of our take is much more frenetic and jumpy than the original – a nod to the age we're living in. We had a ball recording it and at a time when making records can be a lonely bedroom affair, we're glad to share video evidence of how much fun it can be to cut 'em live!”

“I Got Loaded” is the latest in a collection of music by a band that combines the bluesy, R&B authenticity of Chess Records era legends such as Howlin’ Wolf and John Lee Hooker with punk and garage rock icons such as The Sonics and MC5 known for leaving it all onstage with each performance. Made up of a group of working and touring musicians who have created music for screen and stage as well as played with the likes of Sting, Elle King, Lesley Gore, Ingrid Michelson, and Graham Nash, the band brings together phenomenal talent from a diversity of musical genres.

Big Hands Rhythm & Blues Band’s new single comes on the heels of their raw and unrestrained album of original songs, Thoughts and Prayers, which was released in 2018 on Ropeadope Records. A lineup of original music designed to move body and spirit, the album was reviewed by Blues Magazine as “raw, intense and razor-sharp.” With their latest single, the group promises to keep up the rock ’n’ rolling momentum through this year and beyond.

Check out the “I Got Loaded” video here.

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