Billy Burnette Releases 'Crazy Like Me'

Article Contributed by SRO | Published on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Logging a storied nine-year run slinging the six-string forFleetwood Mac, penning pivotal anthems for everyone from Ray Charles to Gregg Allman to George Strait, and calling the "Fathers of Rockabilly"--The Rock 'N Roll Trio's Dorsey and Johnny Burnette--"dad" and "uncle," respectively, BILLY BURNETTE has spent a lifetime living and breathing rock 'n' roll. All of this comes together on his upcoming solo album CRAZY LIKE ME--due out October 20--and just-released memoir.

For the very first time, the award-winning singer, songwriter, guitarist, and musical journey man shares each step of his fascinating five-decade career via the memoir, Crazy Like Me: From Memphis and the Rock 'N Roll Trio To Fleetwood Mac. The album and book's release will be celebrated with a show in Nashville on September 3 at 3rd and Lindsey (8pm show time).

Get the book HERE.
Powered by his rapid fire and captivating prose, the book chronicles unbelievable stories from growing up a Burnette in the wake of The Rock 'N Roll Trio's rise to notoriety as an influence on the likes of Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley, and more, cutting his first song with none other than Ricky Nelson at seven-years-old, recording and touring the world with Fleetwood Mac, and all of the wonderful madness in between.
2017 proved the right moment for this tale to be told.
"I'm not getting any younger," laughs BILLY. "There are all of these stories about The Rock 'N Roll Trio that people just don't know. I wanted the world to hear them. Through the process, I found out even more than I ever knew-and I was there! I had to write the book to get the facts right before time goes on, so nobody forgets what they did. At the same time, it was a chance to tell my own story. While working on it, it felt right to release the album alongside of the book."
Recorded between his home studio and the House of Blues Studio (Nashville) the album CRAZY LIKE ME tells the musician's journey through the songs that bookmarked his most seminal moments. He kicks off the record with a rousing rendition of The Rock 'N Roll Trio's signature barn burner "Tear It Up"-which BILLY often famously covered on tour with Fleetwood Mac. He also takes on two of his biggest placements "Do I Every Cross Your Mind?" made famous by Ray Charles and Bonnie Raitt on 2004's Genius Loves Company-also recorded by Cher and Tom Jones-and "River Of Love," which marked George Strait's 57th #1 single. In addition, he unveils a new version of "Nothing To Do (And All Night To Do It)" and serves up other brand new songs, including such standouts as:  "Ghost Town," "All Nighter" (co-written with Clare Dunn) and "I Remember You."
A love letter to rock 'n' roll with the right amount of blues swagger and Americana perspective, CRAZY LIKE ME represents an inspiring life in music.
"It's an album of songs I just wanted to do," he goes on. "The songs coincide with the book. It's a mish-mosh of hits and things people have never heard. I just went in and cut it. Rock 'n' roll is part of my DNA. I don't do it, because I have to do it; I do it because I love this kind of music. I've never done anything but this. I'm very blessed to have done this all my life. It's an overall look at my work as a writer, and it tells my story."
And it's a rock 'n' roll story for the ages. Get Crazy with BILLY BURNETTE now.
"Tear It Up" (Dorsey Burnette, Johnny Burnette, Paul Burlison)
"(All I Can Do Is) Dream You" (Billy Burnette, David Malloy)
"Crazy Like Me" (Billy Burnette, Dennis Morgan, Shawn Camp)
"Oh Well" (Peter Alan Green)
"When I Remember You" (Billy Burnette)
"It's Late" (Dorsey Burnette)
"Nothing To Do (And All Night To Do It)" (Billy Burnette, Deborah Allen, Rafe Van Hoy)
"Ghost Town" (Billy Burnette)
"Do I Ever Cross Your Mind" (Billy Burnette, Michael Smotherman)
"She's Burning The Honky Tonks Down" (Billy Burnette, Shawn Camp)
"She's Gonna Win Your Heart" (Billy Burnette, Mentor Williams)
"River Of Love" (Billy Burnette, Dennis Morgan, Shawn Camp)
"All Nighter" (Billy Burnette, Clare Dunn)
"Anywhere You Go" (Billy Burnette, Will Jennings)