Billy Cobham's Art of the Rhythm Section Retreat

Article Contributed by | Published on Wednesday, May 25, 2016

An immersive five-day learning experience for professional and semi-pro bassists, drummers, guitarists and keyboard players across all genres and styles. Master the Art of the Rhythm Section in real time, led by drumming virtuoso Billy Cobham, along with Dean Brown (guitar), Gerry Etkins (keyboards) and Ric Fierabracci (bass).

Participants will experience:

• Five days of master classes with Billy Cobham, Dean Brown, Gerry Etkins and Ric Fierabracci, featuring lectures, discussions, video analysis, and playing exercises, including four interactive classes per day.

• Nightly jam sessions for all interns as active or passive participants.

• Special Saturday night performance feat. two chosen Rhythm Sections that will open the show for a concert with Billy and the Spectrum 40 Band.

This immersive learning experience is NOT just for jazz musicians! As Billy notes, “The Art of the Rhythm Section will help you get your band face on and help you to work better as a team with your fellow musicians in the Rhythm Section.”

Limited space available, register now!

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Only applicants who meet the level of expertise required (in the sole judgement of the Retreat organizers) will be accepted.

Pricing for the five-day program once is as follows 
•One intern: $999.00
•Two interns: $799.00 each (Two different types of Rhythm Section insturments)
•Three interns: $599.00 each (Three different types of Rhythm Section insturments)
•Four interns (Rhythm Section): $499.00 each (Four different types of Rhythm Section insturments)
Daily breakfast and lunch included; travel/lodging and dinner not included.

View the program schedule HERE

Check out this video message from the Maestro.