Blues Control Release New Video, Head to Europe in Summer

Article Contributed by Drag City Records | Published on Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blues Control released Valley Tangents nearly a year ago, during the summer of our end-of-times, 2012. Luckily for all, the end-of-times proved to be a new age of enlightenment more than anything, with Blues Control at the forefront, extending the meadows of their Valley Tangents with no signs of straying into slate, porous rock, ocean or mountain. Valley Tangents provide lush and lively excursions for all who graze on its grasses, and recent torrential downpours yield a fresh new organism on which to feast - the official music video for 'Tangents tune, "Open Air." Directed by Tara Sinn (who also directed "Love's A Rondo"), the video creates a pastoral-like terrain, communicating the song's ambient qualities, which slowly builds aurally and visually with footage that becomes progressively more experimental as it approaches its denouement."Open Air" also celebrates the official Valley Tangents tour of Europe!  Make sure to catch them during this tour, which marks the first time they will set foot on the European continent for Valley Tangents.Tour Dates:6/7/13: Le Bourg- Lausanne, Switzerland6/8/13: Kraspek- Myzik Lyon, France6/9/13: Cave 12- Geneva, Switzerland6/10/13: Miscelanea- Barcelona, Spain6/12/13: La Limera- Valencia, Spain6/13/13: El Perro Club- Madrid, Spain6/14/13: Ibu Hots- Vitoria, Spain6/15/13: Festival West Side- Nantes, France6/16/13: Espace En Cours- Paris, France6/17/13: Slowboy- Dusseldorf, Germany6/19/13: Les Ateliers Claus- Brussels, Belgium6/20/13: Occii- Amsterdam, Netherlands6/22/13: Power Lunches- London, United Kingdom6/23/13: All Tomorrow's Parties Festival- Camber Sands, United Kingdom w/ Laraaji6/24/13: Echnum- Antwerp, Belgium6/25/13: Oberdeck- Hanover, Germany6/29/13: Drone Bar- Copenhagen, Denmark6/30/13: Fusion Festival- Larz, Germany7/2/13: The Circus- Helsinki, Finland7/3/13: Sing Sang- Studio Malmö, Sweden7/4/13: Festsaal Kreuzberg- Berlin, Germany7/5/13: Urban Spree- Berlin, Germany