Bootsy Collins releases new single "Funk Not Fight"

Article Contributed by Big Feat PR | Published on Saturday, May 13, 2023

Today, funk legend Bootsy Collins (Parliament-Funkadelic, James Brown) released his long-anticipated single “Funk Not Fight”  featuring rapper Baby Triggy and singer/rapper Fantaazma. The track is the first from the forthcoming Funk Not Fight compilation, which was announced last fall to encourage burgeoning young talent to lend their voices and talent to this vital anti-violence initiative. Funk Not Fight is an ongoing album compilation, which will have a rolling release schedule featuring new music, young talent and fresh voices, all part of Bootsy’s mission to promote a message of peace through the power of music (and the Power of the One!).

Listen to the track here:

Bootsy said of the single, "I just like to say, check out my latest video. Funk, not fight. We just wanna calm down some of that violence out there. Cause y'all know that it ain't right! Come on now. Jump on board. Let's get the One! For being funk, and not fight. Yeah that's right baby."

The bass-fueled earworm features Bootsy’s signature voice singing “I’m not a fighter / but I’m a lover” alongside blasting horns and tight funk riffs, and is accompanied by an official music video featuring appearances by bassist Marcus Miller, the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart, Buckethead, Victor Wooten, Cindy Blackman and more.

Watch the “Funk Not Fight” music video here:

Yesterday, Bootsy attended and hosted a round panel at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH, where he unveiled plans for the inaugural Funk Not Fight hub in partnership with The Bootsy Collins Foundation and The Village (The Village Of Performing Arts and Culture and Center), a local community organization working with young people in the Cleveland area. The event featured a round table with members of the local community including Mayor Annette Blackwell, Mayor Matt Burke, Chris Ronayne of the Cuyahoga County Executive and youth mentor Yonna Shakim, who stated “As a consistent community advocate for the youth, I hope that the Funk Not Fight Initiative provides more tools and spaces for young people to learn how to be leaders in their own way. Empowering and encouraging them  to find confidence in a craft such as music to use for expression and to be a positive contribution to the world around them.”

Greg Harris, CEO, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, stated, “In the spirit of Rock & Roll and its roots in Cleveland and the surrounding communities, we’re thrilled that our friend and inductee, Bootsy Collins, has chosen the RockHall to announce his educational program that will support and give back to the greater Cleveland area.”
The Funk Not Fight hub will exist within the Village, and will feature a variety of services including a music studio where young talent in the Cleveland area can explore creative passions that will lead them on the right path. Additionally, the hub will provide access to certified professionals that can guide and mentor local youths. With much more to be announced, as a part of Bootsy’s Funk Not Fight initiative. Please consider making a donation to the Funk Not Fight hub, here.
"The performing arts, specifically music, has a proven impact on calming violence in children." stated Lawrence Lane, Executive Director of The Village/Truth & Vision Ministries.  "We are excited and deeply moved by the Funk Not Fight Initiative placing a much needed spotlight on our youths and partnering with us to lead our young people onto a better path."
The Funk Not Fight project is a growing initiative to create opportunities in communities that encourage peace, creativity, and anti-violence. Partners and supporters include The Bootsy Collins Foundation, Syncr, The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, Apple, Spotify, Tudor Games, with additional partners to be announced. Partial proceeds raised will go towards initiatives that are in need of financial support, that are dedicated to helping turn the tide of violence and unrest in our communities.
Drums : Dennis Chambers
Drums : Cindy Blackman
(Carlos Santana’s wife)
Bass: Marcus Miller
Bass: Victor Wooten
Bass: Alissia Benveniste
Gtr:  Buckethead,
Gtr:   Dave stewart
Gtr: Marlon McClain
Keyboards: Lachlan Doley
Vocalist Overlord: Bootsy
Rapper: Baby Triggy
Rapper: Fantaazma