Article Contributed by Victory Lap PR | Published on Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Boulevards, the namesake of North Carolina based psychedelic soul artist Jamil Rashad, has shared the music video for “Problems” from the outfit’s critically acclaimed fourth studio album Electric Cowboy: Born in Carolina Mud. The film is available to view today via Brooklyn Vegan, which compliments the song for "[channeling] vintage-yet-timeless soul music [that] tackles a heavily personal topic." Watch and share HERE.

Performing as Boulevards, Rashad has garnered national attention for his larger-than-life stage presence and impressive range of emotional display. The artist’s second release on Normaltown Records (an imprint of New West Records) showcases Rashad’s electrifying, James Brown-inspired persona alongside deeply ruminative songwriting and tender vocal work.

On the song “Problems,” Rashad emphasizes the importance of facing one’s hardships head-on. The tender manifesto is an inspirational look into Rashad’s personal journey in overcoming addiction, insecurities, and adversity, echoing a universal message about perseverance.

Rashad shares, “We all have issues and problems that come and go. Whether it be death, friendship, love, lust, family, financial life goes on we will have to face our problems. [After] turning to a life of sobriety, the urge to drink and use [is] gone, but now I’m finally facing the real issues internally, chasing emotional sobriety. The issues that can hold us back from accepting, giving love, and growing. Since being in recovery, I’ve been chasing that sense of peace.”

Set in a lush valley in Rashad’s home state of North Carolina, the celestial music video embodies a tranquil dreamscape that captures the sense of surrender on which Rashad meditates. With a peaceful rhythm, cosmic production, and Boulevards’ sultry vocal work, the track “Problems” is a standout on his most recent album.

“Problems” is available to view today via Brooklyn Vegan. Boulevards’ 2022 release Electric Cowboy: Born in Carolina Mud is available now across all digital platforms, as well as compact disc and vinyl. For more information, visit New West Records.