Brennen Leigh premieres new video "Carole with an E"

Article Contributed by Propeller Publicity | Published on Thursday, May 25, 2023

Brennen Leigh is premiering the official video for her trucker song "Carole with an E" with Holler, who writes: "Like the other songs on Ain’t Through Honky Tonkin’ Yet,' ’Carole With an E’ echoes the best of the era, when bluegrass-fuelled tunes, beer soaked honky-tonk ballads and hard-country weepers burst forth from AM transistor radios. The album’s country roots run deep, with guests like Marty Stuart and Rodney Crowell and a line-up of top-flight musicians."

Shot on location in Nashville by filmmaker Jesse Weeden, Brennen and the team were able to borrow a big rig for the shoot. The resulting "brilliant" video features the song's co-writer Mallory Eagle playing the "pearls and kitten heels"-wearing Carole, along with cameos from producer Chris Scruggs, Josh Hedley and others. The video ends with Brennen and Mallory exchanging some classic CB lingo — 10-4!!

Brennan tells Holler, “I’m a fan of trucker country, the sub-genre of country music that’s exclusively about long haul trucking and all its idiosyncrasies. Although I’m not a member of trucker culture, I’m fascinated by it, and I relate to the songs. They’re true Americana, in the real sense of the word. So, when Mallory came over one day and suggested we write an anthem about her trucker neighbor back in Oklahoma, I was into it. We tried to keep as true as we could to Carole’s real story. She’s become something of a movement for us. Carole, in my understanding, is this tough, beautiful lady who happens to drive for a living. I find her irresistible.

“We had to do some research into the lingo,” she adds. “Which is as sophisticated as any poetry I’ve ever read. I dare you to find higher art than the poetry of CW McCall.”



The album’s country roots run deep, with guests like Marty Stuart and Rodney Crowell and a lineup of top-flight musicians, yet each track soars with abandon. With thoughtful, incisive lyrics and vibrant melodies at the forefront, Leigh has successfully created a modern gem, while honoring country music’s enduring golden era.

“I’m in love with this idea of the real Nashville, " says Leigh. “The idyllic golden age, which, to me, is around 1967, 1968, because of the alchemy, the explosion that occurred, with the best country music songwriters ever, the best singers in country music.”

01 - Running Out Of Hope, Arkansas
02 - Somebody's Drinking About You
03 - The Red Flags You Were Waving
04 - I Ain't Through Honky Tonkin' Yet
05 - Mississippi Rendezvous
06 - Carole With An E
07 - The Bar Should Say Thanks
08 - Every Time I Do
09 - Throwing Away A Precious Jewel
10 - I'm Still Looking For You
11 - When Lonely Came To Town
12 - You Turned Into A Dragon