Bruce Cockburn Gets Back On The Road

Article Contributed by Eric Alper | Published on Monday, July 26, 2021

We’re all so happy to announce that Bruce Cockburn is getting back on the road with live concert tour dates starting in December, 2021.

Bruce’s last live concert show was November 23, 2019, in Monterey California at the Golden State Theatre.

Here’s what Bruce has to say about getting back on the road: “As 2020 rolled up on the horizon, it was shaping up to be an exciting year — the fiftieth anniversary of the release of my first album. A considerable number of shows had been booked. The expectation was that much of the year would be spent on tour in celebration of that first step into what has been a pretty interesting professional life.

“My expectations, like everyone else’s, took a big hit from the pandemic and all that has gone with it. That “Big 50th” was not to be!

“Now, as we poke our heads up to see where this past year-and-a-bit has brought us to, I’m getting excited again about getting out and sharing my songs with all who will do me the honor of listening — in actual rooms! With people who are physically present! The 50th Anniversary Tour: 2nd Attempt…May we all stay safe and functional so it can happen!”

Here are Bruce’s first confirmed dates, with more to follow:

DEC          7                                            GRASS VALLEY CA                           CENTER FOR THE ARTS

DEC          8                                            SANTA CRUZ CA                               RIO THEATRE

DEC          9                                            BERKELEY CA                                    FREIGHT & SALVAGE

DEC        10                                            BERLELEY CA                                     FREIGHT & SALVAGE

DEC        12                                            EUGENE OR                                       SORENG THEATRE

DEC        13                                            BEND OR                                            TOWER THEATRE

DEC        14                                            GRANTS PASS OR                            ROGUE THEATRE

DEC        16                                            PORTLAND OR                                  ALADDIN THEATRE

DEC        17                                            PORTLAND OR                                  ALADDIN THEATRE

DEC        18                                            SPOKANE OR                                     BING CROSBY THEATRE

DEC        19                                            SEATTLE WA                                      NEPTUNE THEATRE

FEB         24                                           BURLINGTON VT                             HIGHER GROUND

FEB         25                                           ALBANY NY                                        THE EGG

FEB         26                                           NORTHAMPTON MA                     ACADEMY OF MUSIC

FEB         27                                           BOSTON MA                                     WILBUR THEATRE

MAR          1                                          WATERVILLE ME                              OPERA HOUSE

MAR          2                                          FALL RIVER MA                                CENTRE FOR THE ARTS

MAR          4                                          RIDGEFIELD CT                                 RIDGEFIELD PLAYHOUSE

MAR          5                                          NEWTON NJ                                      NEWTON THEATRE

MAR          6                                          NEW YORK NY                                  SYMPHONY SPACE

MAR          8                                          ANN ARBOR MI                                THE ARK

MAR         10                                         CHICAGO IL                                       OLDTOWN SCHOOL OF FOLK

MAR         11                                         CHICAGO IL                                       OLDTOWN SCHOOK OF FOLK

MAR         12                                         MADISON WI                                    BARRYMORE THEATRE

MAR         13                                         IOWA CITY IA                                    ENGLERT THEATRE

APR          19                                          PETERBOROUGH ON                     SHOWPLACE CENTRE

APR          21                                          KITCHENER ON                                 CENTRE IN THE SQUARE

APR          22                                          TORONTO ON                                   MASSEY HALL

APR          23                                          OTTAWA ON                                     NATIONAL ARTS CENTRE


For on sale ticket information please check in your local market.