Calling All Crows announces three new initiatives in celebration of Women's History Month

Article Contributed by Big Hassle Media | Published on Thursday, March 14, 2024

Today, Calling All Crows, a nonprofit organization that connects and mobilizes music fans to join feminist movements for justice and equality, announces three new initiatives in celebration of Women's History Month this month. Additionally, Calling All Crows will continue to be present at select shows of Mitski's U.S. tour to provide information and resources about their Here For The Music program, which fights against sexual violence and aims to build safety at shows and festivals across the country. The program has been supported by boygenius, Clairo, Goose, The 1975, Courtney Barnett and more. Plus, Calling All Crows is thrilled to announce Director of Here For The Music's Maggie Arthur has been named one of Pollstar's 2024 Women Of Live honorees.

On March 19, the organization will host a Women's History Month livestream across their social media channels with the Resilient Sisterhood Project (RSP). The Resilient Sisterhood Project’s mission is to educate and empower women of African descent regarding common yet rarely discussed diseases of the reproductive system that disproportionately affect them. A careful approach to these diseases and associated issues is done through a cultural and social justice lens—as the group believes that poor knowledge of reproductive health is primarily related to health, racial, and socioeconomic disparities. Join the livestream on March 19 at 1PM EST via

RSP is delighted to work with Calling All Crows to bring their shared vision to life. The organization shares, "The Resilient Sisterhood Project is so excited to be partnering with Calling All Crows because of our shared commitment to justice and equality. And we want to thank Calling All Crows for their support of our mission to educate and empower women of African descent regarding their reproductive health and rights."

Three days later, Calling All Crows will celebrate their 16th Annual Benefit Weekend with a sold out performance by Chadwick Stokes of Dispatch and The Pintos at Somerville Theatre in Somerville, MA on March 22nd. Stokes will debut songs from his forthcoming rock opera, 1972.

The following day, on March 23rd, Calling All Crows will host an in-person event at The Sinclair in Boston, MA in celebration of their announcement of a new service project with Reproductive Equity Now. Registration is now open for all in the Boston area here. The event will work to increase access to reproductive care and bring awareness to reproductive health, including a training that will provide volunteers with crucial guidance on abortion advocacy: abortion care 101, how to talk about abortion like an advocate, how to access abortion care, how to identify (and avoid) dangerous anti-abortion centers, and ways all individuals can help ensure reproductive equity for all.

Calling All Crow's Annie Bailey shares that the organization is happy to partner with Reproductive Equity Now and aims to make an impact on all people and on legislation. "They are an incredible organization that provides critical education on abortion advocacy and reproductive justice. Our service project with them will be a great way for our volunteers to get excited about advocating for reproductive rights in their own communities, and will make a tangible impact on supporting abortion care providers and letting local legislators know that their community desires reproductive health protection and care for all."

Alongside the new initiatives, Calling All Crows is pleased to announce Heatherjean MacNeil has been appointed to Executive Director. Here For The Music Director Maggie Arthur shares, "After having worked in nonprofits for several years under a wide variety of leaders, I am so happy that Calling All Crows found Heatherjean MacNeil. Not only does she bring with her immensely impressive knowledge and resources in business and DEI initiatives, but she also is an eternal optimist with gorgeous dreams and a major commitment to our mission that the organization really needs to keep growing and pushing forward.”

Through their work, Calling All Crows visualizes a world where all people’s full humanity is realized, and local and global communities are equitable, just, and thriving. Get involved now at and on Instagram and Facebook.