Campout for the Cause 2017 Lineup

Article Contributed by Bonfire Music Group | Published on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Campout for the Cause is an event truly rooted in all things authentic. For 9 years, the goal has been to create a platform for artists to be artists, and family to be family. No walls, no boundaries, no corporate sponsors, no negative vibes and no inhibitions. There are plenty of incredible festivals out there to immerse yourself in the party and just blow off steam, but this is not one. Picture the scene of your favorite artists all gathered around the bonfire for an afternoon or evening pick, flowing into each other's sets, having conversation and sharing laughter.

Learn or practice yoga with veteran Campout yogis while friends and musicians flow beside you.

We are only selling 400 tickets this year as we delicately move to a space more designed to let our creative freedoms flow. The Meadows site is absolutely stunning, and the community of Buena Vista is blossoming with a fresh injection of entrepreneurs and environmental and social activism.