Carson Peters’ Fiery Fiddle And Stand-Out Vocal Burn Through Seger's "Long Twin Silver Line"

Article Contributed by so much MOORE media | Published on Monday, May 6, 2024

Bluegrass sensation Carson Peters’ fiery fiddle and stand-out vocal burn through “Long Twin Silver Line,” the second radio release from Lonesome Day Records’ all-star tribute to Bob Seger, SILVER BULLET BLUEGRASS. The track premiered on The Bluegrass Situation and is available to radio via AirPlay Direct, CDX and PlayMPE. “Long Twin Silver Line” can be purchased now, while the album will issue on vinyl, disc, and all streaming platforms July 12. A pre-sale link activates on June 28.

The track starts with a short, slow build that segues to a furious foot-to-the-pedal pace that it maintains until the last note fades. Peters shows a profound vocal mastery for his young age (20) and his fiddle is putty in his hands. The listener can easily imagine sparks flaring and flying in the night as they picture the train rolling through towns and fields on its cross-country run.

Producer Randall Deaton (Larry Cordle, Ralph Stanley II, Blue Moon Rising) notes, “I was blown away by how good Carson is in the studio. This is the convergence of a great song, a great vocalist and great musicians creating a lasting record."

Peters grew up listening to classic Rock ‘N Roll and always enjoyed hearing Seger songs. When Deaton approached him with the idea of cutting a track for the tribute project, Carson was sold. “I loved the idea and jumped at the chance to be included with the great artists who were already on board,” he recalls. The two played around with the arrangement for the fiddle break in the middle, but Carson credits Deaton as the brains behind it. As for the rest, Peters says, “I think (and hope) that the youthfulness in my voice and aggressive style of the fiddle playing suits this song well and gives it a nice spin.”

Long Twin Silver Line

Well, the big train keeps on rolling

Rolling on down the track

And the way she's moving, buddy

I don't believe she's ever coming back

… She keeps a-rolling on proud and fine

She keeps a-rolling

She keeps a-rolling

Down that long twin silver line … (B. Seger)

Deaton recalls, “My good friend Marlin Lee introduced me to Carson when he helped me book a festival at Lake Fanny Hooe Resort and Campground in 2022. Lee recommended I add Carson and his band Iron Mountain to the lineup. They were a huge hit with the audience, so when I saw Peters perform a solo acoustic show later that year I was really impressed. He knows how to entertain an audience, and I knew then that I wanted to add that fresh, new voice of his to the album. His interpretation of the song was everything I had hoped for.”

In addition to Peters’ fine fiddling, several top-tier musicians added their talents. Legendary pickers include Guitarists Stephen Mougin and Gary Nichols, Mandolinist Darrell Webb, Banjo player Ned Luberecki, Bassist Mike Bub, and Dobroist Jake Joines. Sarah Borges sang the striking Harmony Vocals.