Celebrating The Life of Music Legend Michael Winters: A Tribute Concert at Garcia's

Article Contributed by Shore Fire Media | Published on Thursday, February 2, 2023

Michael Winters, former Operations & House Manager of The Capitol Theatre and a crucial figure of the New York live music scene passed away 5 years ago on July 1, 2018. To commemorate his life and legacy, a tribute concert will be held at Garcia's at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York on Sunday, April 16, 2023 at 4:20PM a day before what would have been his 57th birthday.

Friends and staff of The Capitol Theatre have organized the event to celebrate the life of Mike rather than his departure. Mike, who was often referred to as "the heart and soul of The Cap," had an invaluable impact on the theater, where he is credited with helping to name the lobby bar Garcia’s, before retiring after five years. Before his time at The Capitol Theatre, Mike and his brother, Brad, were partners in Manny's Car Wash, a renowned blues club in Manhattan.

Mike's love for music began at the age of 12 when his brother and sister took him to see Frank Zappa on Halloween. His passion for music continued to be fueled by bands like the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers Band. The tribute concert, named "With the Gold of Sunshine" after his favorite Grateful Dead song, "Ripple," will feature performances by local Grateful Dead-inspired bands Grateful BRO and Dead Meat. The proceeds from the event will be donated to Songcatchers, a charity dedicated to fostering the next generation of music fans by providing affordable music education.

"When Mike worked at the Cap, everyone was so kind, they were a tight knit crew and became the original Capitol Family. After his passing, they have continued to make me feel like part of the Cap Fam." said his wife, Lara Winters. "It truly means the world to me that he had such a positive impact on the many he touched and that his memory will be honored with love in a meaningful way.”

Join us for an evening of music, friendship, and giving back to the music community as we celebrate the life of Michael Winters. The event will also feature a charity auction and raffle including a collection of music memorabilia. Friends are encouraged to bring a photograph of Mike for the memorial display board.

Tickets can be purchased online here.