Chad Stokes of Dispatch and State Radio Set to Debut New Rock Opera "1972" at Benefit Show

Article Contributed by CK Communicati… | Published on Friday, December 15, 2023

Chadwick Stokes will debut songs from his forthcoming rock opera “1972” with the help of the Pintos Friday, March 22, 2024 at the Somerville Theatre. The show is part of the annual Calling All Crows Benefit Festival Weekend which raises funds for Stokes’ nonprofit Calling All Crows, which for 16 years has worked to fuel feminist movements. Tickets for the Somerville Theatre concert are on sale now at

Stokes will be performing select songs from his forthcoming rock opera “1972.” Set in 1972, the opera follows the story of Hannah, a young pregnant woman who hops trains on her way west to obtain an illegal abortion. Along the way, Hannah befriends an eclectic cast of strangers from the fringe of society. While Stokes has occasionally played songs from the opera, this concert will mark the first time he’s collectively performed all its songs together for an audience.

“Since I was a kid, I always knew that I’d like to attempt a concept record/rock opera.  With the bands I’m in, there’s never been a good time to really get into it. We were always chasing the next record or touring. As the years went by, I still mentioned it to some folks - how it was a dream of mine. The more I mentioned it, the more it would have to come to fruition... eventually. This past spring, I finally had the time and push to actually start working on it with all our three kids in school for the first time and a break in the schedule with the other bands. My subject matter also came into focus when Roe was overturned a few months before.”

The Annual Calling All Crows Benefit Weekend will also include a public service project focused on women’s reproductive rights. Calling All Crows is the social activist organization founded by Stokes and his partner Sybil Gallagher in 2008 to engage music fans with social movements. Funds raised during the Calling All Crows Benefit Weekend will help support the #HereForTheMusic and Amplifying Democracy campaigns.

Launched in 2017, the #HereForTheMusic campaign works to build true safety with everyone who comes together to create a show or festival: artists, fans, promoters. touring and media professionals, venue staff, and more. To date, the campaign has trained over 3,000 people.

New in 2024, the Amplifying Democracy campaign will build a coalition of artists to mobilize and educate fans on the democratic process, inspiring action and advocacy. Calling All Crows will partner with music industry stakeholders to elevate feminist and new majority perspectives while inspiring civic engagement through music, positive messaging, local and national service projects, and educational resources.

Tickets for the annual Calling All Crows Benefit Weekend concert on Friday, March 22nd at  the Somerville Theatre are on sale now at VIP packages are available and include access to a pre-show reception with food, drinks and an acoustic set by Chadwick Stokes plus a special guest to be announced soon! VIP Packages begin at $250 with all proceeds going to Calling All Crows. The Somerville Theatre is located at 55 Davis Square in Somerville, MA.