Chris Pierce channels Richie Havens/Bob Dylan with 2021 protest album

Article Contributed by HearthMusic | Published on Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Coming February 26, 2021, Los Angeles soul singer Chris Pierce’s new album, American Silence, has already gathered critical acclaim from NPR and Rolling Stone! Ann Powers at NPR wrote twice about the power of Chris’ debut single and title track and its effect on her in 2020, saying it’s “…the song white allies need to hear because it so beautifully says that loving protest songs isn’t enough.” Rolling Stone praised the single as well, saying that Pierce “channels Richie Havens and Bob Dylan... It’s the sound of everyone who’s hungry for change, steadying themselves and marching toward a common goal.” Have a listen below and happy to answer any questions or put you in touch with Chris directly about the new album!

Internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Chris Pierce stands by the notion that music can cut through the isolated and static feelings for those of us worn down by the chaos of everyday life. He calls out to unite us under one sonic roof to speak up, sing out, rise up and resist with the offering of his new 21st century Americana freedom and justice album titled “American Silence” to be released on February 26, 2021. On the forthcoming LP, Pierce channels legendary justice and freedom songwriters. With sparse acoustic instrumentation and unmistakable soulfully passionate vocals, Pierce creates an authentic sound all his own removed from time or trend.

The full-length LP, “American Silence” soulfully spins original songs about a wide range of issues including justice, oppression, homelessness, black self-love, racism, mass incarceration, Immigrant Transcontinental Railroad workforce, Native American boarding schools, and a tribute to the American statesman and civil rights leader, John Lewis. The self produced album was recorded during a socially distanced session at Boulevard Recording in Los Angeles, California with only Pierce and the studio owner/engineer Clay Blair in attendance. Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica and background choir parts on the album were performed by Pierce.