Article Contributed by PFA Media | Published on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Singer/songwriter Christina Holmes has officially announced that her third studio album, The Beautiful Struggle, will be released on May 31st. Recorded at Spitfire Studios in Los Angeles, the 11-track album is her most personal, passionate, and powerful work to date.  Christina manages to thread together relatable stories of love and life through her confessional lyricism and instrumental proficiency on guitar, bass, djembe, and piano. The Beautiful Struggle is now available for pre-order and will come with an instant download of the lead track from the album, “Rise.” Pre-order The Beautiful Struggle on iTunes and Apple Music.

“Life can be hard sometimes and I want everyone to know that even when there is a lot of bad going on in their life or the world, they can always find the beauty in everything,” says Christina of the album’s message.  “I hope people walk away with the strength to know they can keep walking even in the darkest of days.”

“Everybody Knows” hints at this message with impressive musicality, looping vocals on top of djembe. Meanwhile, the single “Rise” pairs a bright guitar lead and organic percussion with her warm delivery. It culminates on the empowering chant, “We will rise up when we are called upon. We will rise up and we will just keep on.”  The heartbreakingly potent “Addictions” examines its subject from multiple points-of-view (and -vice). The title track builds towards an undeniable chorus over a lively sonic backdrop. Meanwhile, “Try” inspired this unfiltered and unbridled candor at the beginning.